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A Vision Revisited

Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

I hope parent conferences are going well. I know it's a time consuming process, but it is such an important time. I know the families really appreciate y'all putting forth the effort to meet with them and update them on the progress of their students. I also hope that you are enjoying your year so far. We are almost halfway through October and it's amazing how fast things are moving. I had to stop myself today while working on "stuff" to think about just how much I'm enjoying this school year. It's been a blast so far and I feel like the luckiest principal alive. That can sometimes get lost when we are stuck doing "stuff."

Another thing that can get lost in the midst of doing "stuff" is the vision we have for our kiddos. I was looking back at the mission and vision we created together at the beginning of the year, and I couldn't help but begin to analyze just what it is that we hope for our students. I want to just look at the first line of our vision this week. It says, "At Dorinda Pillow Elementary School, students will feel valued, safe, and respected." Thinking back to the activity we did together at the BOY PD where I asked you to envision the type of school you would want that special kiddo in your mind to go to, this was the first thing we came up with as a team. That we would create a place where students feel valued, safe, and respected. That's the number one thing on the list. Not that they would do really well on a standardized test. That they would feel valued, safe, and respected. Because, as we all know, before a kiddo can learn, they have to feel valued, safe, and respected.

Ask yourself, "Do kiddos at our school truly feel valued, safe, and respected?" If not, why? What is keeping kiddos from feeling valued, safe, and respected? What are the road blocks and barriers to students feeling valued. safe, and respected? Now ask yourself, "What am I doing to help my students feel valued, safe, and respected?" You play such an important part in the lives of your students...sometimes the MOST important role. What are you doing to help them feel valued, safe, and respected at Pillow? Because, until they feel that way, they can't truly learn.

Thank you for all that you do for our Panthers each and every day. Thank you for helping each of them feel valued, safe, and respected. You make me proud to be your principal.

-Mr. Hill

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