AT update

September 5, 2014

3rd grade math

This week, students have been working with numbers up to the hundred thousands place. They have learned to compare, round, and order these large numbers. We have also worked on different types of notation: word, standard, and expanded.

We began to take our beginning of the year test which will not count for a grade in the gradebook. It is a tool to help me know where each student is starting out in all areas of math.

We have our social contract up and signed. Be sure to ask your student about some of the ways we have agreed to treat each other while in math class!

AT Math 4

September 5, 2014

This week, students have continued to learn about different ways to classify angles and sides of triangles. They should be able to describe an obtuse, acute or right triangle based on the size of it's angles or the sides.

We began our beginning of year test this week as well. It will not count for a grade in the gradebook but will be used by me to plan instruction for the year.

AT Reading

This week, we began to work in our Journeys anthology. Third graders read an excerpt from Because of Winn Dixie. Fourth graders read Wayside Story in their anthology. We are all working on the target skill of story structure. Third graders worked on the characters, plot, and setting while the fourth graders extended into the conflict and resolution of a story or rising action and climax.

The grammar focus this week is about subject and predicate for both grades. We identified the simple subject and predicate and complete subject and predicate. Students in 4th grade had fun writing 2 words each round robin style and then together identifying the simple subject and predicate.

We also worked on possessive pronouns in 4th grade.

Spelling and Vocabulary:

Third grade spelling/vocabulary words: comfort. mention, mood, properly, intends, consisted, positive, advanced, peculiar and talent

Fourth grade spelling/vocabulary words: disturbing, staggered, interrupted, squashing, specialty, struggled, wobbled, collapsed, numb, shifted

Our test will be on Monday, September 8, 2014


Students used their shiny new Chromebooks to write about a person they admire. This piece of writing is not for a grade, but again is a tool that I will use to plan instruction in writing.

In our "writer's notebooks" students also rewrote the ending of their story (4th grade) or wrote out a description of the librarian in Winn Dixie.