Community producers project

By: Joshua Abbott

Stimulus and response

A stimulus is and action or some the your doing, and what ever you do to stop or avoid that stimulus is a response. If you were to touch a hot stove then pulling your hand away would be a response, of if you hear Loud music out of no where your response would be to cover your ears.


Geotropisum- A plant that has fallen off a shelf the roots still grown down and out but the actual plant grows up Aka going threw Truro pressure

Thigimotropisum- a plant toutching a wall for souport

Phototropism- Tropisum that uses the sun

Hydrotropism- Tropisum that a plant mainly depends on water

Dichotomous key over Texas flowers

Other information

All of the flowers in the dichotomous key are all native to Texas

Turgor pressure is a force that will happen to a plant

Root wedging is breaking through rock or some other solid to grow and expand to be larger