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Dear Parents/Guardians

Novi Community Schools uses Schoology as a Learning Management System (LMS) for grades 5-12 and Novi Virtual. Each teacher has a Schoology page to which your child has been added. To access your child’s Schoology classes, please follow the directions below. You will need a Parent Access Code, which has been specifically assigned for your child. Your child’s teacher will give you the 12-digit code and that one code will give you access to all their classes. If your child is a new student, it takes approximately 24-48 hours to get your information into the system.


Connect to Schoology to receive important updates from your child and teacher in their Schoology courses.
  • Your child may complete coursework within Schoology.
  • Teachers will also send you messages, reminders, or important information.
  • Schoology is private. You'll only see posts created by your child or their teacher.

Parent/Guardian instructions to register to view your child’s Schoology pages:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page and select Parent
  3. Enter your Parent Access Code. This Is a 12-digit code in an xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format that you receive from one of your child’s teachers
  4. Fill out the form with your information
  5. Click Register to complete

You can add additional children to your account by clicking your name, located at the top right of your Schoology account. Then select the Add Child button to enter the Parent Access Code for your other child/children

Watch this video on how to navigate Schoology.

For Parents/Guardians to receive email notifications on your child’s progress:

  1. Log into your Schoology Account at
  2. Click your name displayed on the top right
  3. Select your child's account from the dropdown menu
  4. Once in your child's account, click their name displayed on the top right
  5. Select Settings from the dropdown menu
  6. Click the Notifications tab
  7. Choose either Email Summary and/or Overdue Submissions
  8. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes

Email Summary: Receive a weekly or daily email report of your child’s activity, including grades

Overdue Submissions: Receive an email when an item’s due date has passed without a submission from your child

Parent/Guardian Instructions to Access Schoology on an iOS or Android Device:

Activate your account for the first time from a computer then:

  1. Download the Schoology app from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Store
  2. Open the Schoology app on your smartphone or tablet
  3. Select Continue to log in through
  4. Type in your email and password
  5. Press Log In
  6. Approve Schoology’s permissions
  7. On an iOS device, choose to either Don't Allow or Allow Notifications
  8. Press the Menu bars in the top left
  9. Select Account Settings (iOS device) / Account Info (Android device)
  10. On an Android device, choose to toggle notifications on or off
  11. Press the Notifications tab
  12. Decide which types of Notifications you would like turned On or Off


  • Any graphics, images, or buttons embedded into Schoology will not appear for users on the Schoology app. To see these graphics, images, or buttons you need to log into Schoology using a computer.
  • Some steps may vary depending on the type of device you are using: iOS, Android, or Amazon.

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