Mrs. Ayers' Weekly Newsletter

October 12

Unit 3 Vocabulary- TEST ON FRIDAY

Unit 3 Grade 4 Flocabulary Vocabulary

1. Afford-

(verb) To be able to pay for. I’d love a new bike, but my parents

can’t afford one right now.

2. arena

(noun) 1. A building used for sports or shows. There’s an arena right

next to the highway where I’ve seen the rodeo and the circus.

3. baggage

· (noun) 1. Suitcases, bags, or other items travelers carry. Clara was so bored on the bus

because she had left her iPod in the baggage compartment down below.

· 2. Things that get in the way or weigh someone down. She has a lot of emotional baggage since her old best friend lied to her so much.

4. burrow

· (verb) To dig a hole or to tunnel into or under something. The groundhog burrowed into the

dirt to build a new home.

· (noun) A tunnel or hole in the ground. Relaxing in Rabbit’s

burrow, Winnie the Pooh had another generous helping of


5. chamber

· (noun) A room; usually a bedroom or a room in a palace. The

king’s chamber was decorated with SpongeBob posters.

6. column

· (noun) 1. A row of numbers or words running down a printed page. I looked from column one

to column two, unable to believe how fast the planet was warming.

· 2. Anything arranged in a straight line. At elementary school graduation, we formed into

columns and then marched

across the field.

· 3. A tall, somewhat thin support for a building. The entrance to our school has four stone

columns that are probably 30 feet high.

7. Jagged

(adj) With a rough or sharp edge. Parker cut his finger on a jagged piece of glass.

8. shallow

· (adj) Not deep. Marcy was scared to come into the pool even though the water was so

shallow—it would only come up to her knees.

9. tour

(noun) 1. A trip from place to place, sometimes to perform music or some kind of art. When

Beyoncé went on tour in Europe, she made sure to learn a few words in all the different

languages. 2. A short trip through a place, usually with a guide. Do you want a tour of my


(verb) To travel through a place. Leena toured California last year with her photography class.

10. venture

· (verb) To dare to do; to go somewhere or do something risky. Claire ventured deep into the jungle.

· (noun) A risk; something you do where you don’t know what will happen. My dad and his

friend just started working together on a new business venture in Europe.



Today you will receive a letter explaining the Lexia Core Program, which is an online reading program. This is a program students use at school at least once a week. The great thing about this program is that students can complete the reading program at home. Depending on where your child placed on the placement test, he or she may be required to do Lexia Core for 30 minutes nightly in place of completing a nightly reading response journal. I have told each student whether to do Lexia or Reading Responses. They do not have to do both unless you would like to have them do both for their benefit.

I will be tracking student online progress on Lexia Core.

If you do not have Internet access at home and can not complete Lexia Core, please just let me know and your child can complete the Reading Response notebook instead.

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Eblen Charitable Pumpkin Sales

Let's "grow" some pumpkins outside our class to help others! Every $1 buys 1 pumpkin. We are having a contest and I would love to see our class win!

"Eblen Charitable Group Pumpkin Sales: Much like the BOOster sales, these bright paper pumpkins are sold for $1.00 during the month of October in area schools and Ingles Markets. This program sponsored by Outback Steakhouse, Ingle’s Markets, Pepsi, and Clear Channel radio stations benefits the programs of the Eblen Charities and helps provide a community program to the area schools with the premise of children helping children. Schools also have the opportunity to win prizes and equipment for their school. The school with the most over all sales is awarded the Frank Lewis Memorial Award, named in memory of our long time friend and Buncombe County educator, Frank Lewis."