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Excellence In All We Do - Week II


As a principal, I like to say "Yes" to my teachers whenever they need something. Last year, I wasn't really able to do many fundraisers, so my account is a little low. Here is our simple fundraiser - I am asking for donations of $20 dollars or more, and that will get you discounts to many different places (Amazon is one of them!).

Please check out this link and donate if you are able -

Donations help fund:

  • Culinary Arts

  • Teacher Training

  • Teacher Supplies

  • Student Incentives

  • Technology for the classroom

  • UIL and OAP Supplies

  • School Improvement

Friday Night Lights and DHall

I wanted to share two new changes we have made this year to help with behavior and also to help students keep up with their grades.

First, with Lunch Detentions - parents and administration must be contacted every time a student gets a lunch detention. A student may only get 5 detentions within a 9 Week Period, or they will move to an After School Detention. After two After School Detentions, the next step will be that the student must attend Saturday School.

Second...if a student is failing two or more classes at Progress Report time, they will be assigned Friday Night Lights. The students will be told on Monday if they are on the list to attend, but they will have until Wednesday to get their grades where they need to be.

The first grade check is September 13th, with Friday, September 17th being the first installment of Friday Night Lights! The most important thing is that we don't want students to fall behind in their work and get into a situation they can't recover from.

If you have questions about these, please don't hesitate to ask.

Bus Transportation

Because of the increased numbers of bus riders, students cannot ride home with friends on other buses. If your student would like to ride to someone else's house and they ride on the same bus, that's okay if they bring a note from home.


iPads were handed out this week - if you'd like to purchase coverage, here is the link:

iPad coverage -

Big picture

Drop Off/Pick Up in the Morning

Drop off and pick up in the morning and afternoons have been really smooth(especially for the first days!). A few reminders -

- In the morning, drop off is between 7:35 - 8:00. 6th, 7th and 8th grade can be dropped off either in the front of the school or behind the school. If your student needs breakfast, they can be dropped off by the cafeteria.

- Important note - we cannot guarantee supervision before 7:30.

- If you would like to park and have your student walk to you, park across the street by the baseball fields.

- 6th Grade Pick Up after school is in the front of the school. 7th and 8th grade pick up is in the back of the school.

- For a video tutorial, please take a look at this:

TeamApp for Athletics

Do you have a 7th or 8th grader in Athletics?

TeamApp (free in the App Store) is how we will communicate all information to our athletes and parents. Once you download the app, register with your email, and then search for the team you want to join.

LVMS Boys Athletics
LVMS Girls Athletics
(case sensitive)

We highly recommend that athletes as well as parents have the app. Please also consider turning on the notifications so you don’t miss anything important.

Covid Questions...

Q: How will I know if my student has been exposed?

A: If your student is determined to be a close contact of a student who has tested positive for COVID, you will be personally notified. If your child is in the same grade level as a student who has tested positive, you will receive an email.

Q: Are masks required?

A: LVISD does not require students, parents, teachers, staff members or visitors to wear masks or face coverings while on district premises. However, the wearing of face masks is allowed and is highly encouraged.

Q: Can I choose for my child to do at-home/remote learning this year?

A: The state has not provided for a funded remote instruction option this school year. Students not at school will be under normal attendance requirements. Exceptions to this are students who are isolated because of a positive COVID result or who are quarantined due to being a COVID close contact.

Who Do I Contact?

We try to be excellent problem solvers here at LVMS, so if you have questions, let us help!

If you have questions about registrations, contact:

Monica Kaiser @

Schedules? Counselor April Woodburn @

Bus? Transportation Director Lisa Gordon @

Logistical Questions? Secretary Sue Kunze @

You can contact myself( or our Assistant Principal Kim Bentley ( with any questions you need help with as well.