Molly's Lovely Lockettes Update!

Great info to help you get started! And a great refresher!

Welcome all you BRAND NEW amazing designers!!!!

I wanted to give a HUGE LOCKETTE WELCOME to the following new designers! I couldn't be happier to have you on this amazing team!

Shawn Jones - Reynoldsburg, OH

Brittany Thompson - Chesapeake, OH

Shauna Seiler - Gillett, TX

Jill Greenhill - Chesapeake, OH

Jackie Hamilton - South Shore, KY

Donya Fannin - New Boston, OH

Stephanie Parker - Somerset, OH

Angel Jewell - Newcomerstown, OH

Kelly Moore - Powell, OH

Ashley Jones - Fairborn, OH

Business Basics

Confirmation Emails & Backoffice Login & Ordering

Did you ever receive a confirmation email when you first signed up? Well, if not, you aren't alone. Email confirmations are not always received. Please do not worry if you don't get your confirmation email. The confirmation email simply says congrats and welcome and contains your designer ID... You can contact your mentor who can look up your Designer ID in her backoffice. Ask her to login and click my profile. She will see your name on her timeline. When she clicks your name, your designer ID will appear under your name. She can also check her tree view to locate your name and designer ID. The tree view is under organization.

Backoffice Login
To Login, visit and click designer login in the upper right handcorner.
Enter your designer ID and password and click login..

If you did not receive an email with you Designer #, please contact your mentor and ask her to look in her backoffice for your number.

HINT: Mentors, you can locate this by clicking on my profile and looking at your timeline... if you click the new designers name, their profile page will appear and their number is at the top. You can also click the tree view under organization to find your new team member.

Placing and Order
To place an inventory order, click orders and then new orders and login again using your designer ID and password. You will be taken to the designer shopping cart and can order items at wholesale.

If you have questions about placing an orders please partner with your mentor and her upline team who are delighted to help you!!!


Do you know your mentor's contact info? If not, now is a great time to add her name, email address and phone number(s) into your phone and address book of your email client. Also ask her for the name and contact info of HER mentor. If you have a question that can't be answered, you and your mentor can go to her mentor TOGETHER to get the answer so that everyone learns together.
By using your mentor and her upline team for training, you are not only building a great relationship but you are also allowing her to become an amazing leader.

While you are adding contact info to your phone, go ahead and save the phone # to Designer Care (888) 491-0331. Also bookmark the link to the contact us form which is how you contact The Nest electronically
Also be sure to save the mailing address for returns:
Origami Owl
410 S Benson Lane Ste. 1
Chandler, AZ 85224

Origami Owl Business Cards

Where do I order business cards for my Origami Owl Business?
Business cards MUST only come from our 3rd party provider, flyers direct. Any cards from any other supplier, including ones that you print on your own are not permitted.
The cards from flyers direct are high quality, full color, glossy double sided cards. designers are able to select from various pre approved designs.
The reason for this is to keep a uniform and consistent look for all cards for all designers.

What's In A Name

I highly suggest getting a new email address just for your O2 business. It'll make things MUCH easier. I love my gmail accounts (I have one for personal and one for O2 and keep them open at the same time all day.) The following is a list of Origami Owl’s proprietary terms and are NOT permitted to be used by Origami Owl Designers:

Origami Owl

Living Lockets
Hoot Loot


Jewelry Bar
Owl always love you

You tell stories with words…we tell stories with jewelry
The OWL mascot

Every locket tells a story

Designers may ONLY use the Origami Owl name in the following manner: Example: Alice Smith Origami Owl Independent Designer

You have your first Jewelry Bar coming up... how should you prepare?

My advice is to study your take out menu and the product points of difference flyer as well as read the descriptions of the products on the site (for instance, click on a locket to read more about how many charms fit in each size) Those will give you a lot of details that people want to know about product.

Tips on Invites

When sending out invites, be sure to use more than one method.. Posting an event on Facebook may not be a reliable method of "inviting people" Many people have notifications turned off, or they may see your event while standing in line at the bank but it is off of their news feed by the time that they get home.
Invite people who you are able to reach using more than one communication method.. If you are going to use fb events, then follow up with a private message.. Be sure to either email, text, mail a post card and/or call to invite people..


Did you know that designers earn 30-50% commission on jewelry?
When a customer purchases Lockets, chains or tags, you'll earn 30% of each sale.
When customers purchase charms, dangles or plates, you earn 50% on each sale! That's right... You'll earn an average of 39-41% of retail on completed Lockets. O2 has one of the most generous commission structures in the industry.
When designers order inventory upfront, also known as a wholesale order, you enjoy a discount of 30-50%. So if a locket is $20 retail, your cost will be $14. This means that you'll have a profit of $6. Wow!

Hostess Packets & Opportunity Packets

A common question that I get is what to include in a hostess packet or an opportunity packet. These packets should actually contain the same info. You may just change the number of take out menus, business cards and order forms that go in a hostess packet vs an opportunity packet. This is what I include in my packets. All flyers can be found in the resources section of the back office. Business Cards are order from the 3rd party provider. Order forms, Take out Menus and Invitations are available in the business supplies section of the designer cart.

Hostess Rewards Flyer
Designer Opportunity Flyer
Career Plan Flyer
Product Points of Difference
Order Form (s)
Business Card
Invitation (s)
Take Out Menu (s)

Thinking about offering something to get bookings?

You can certainly run your business any way you want...but I find that sticking to the company provided hostess plan it keeps profit in your pocket and keeps an even playing field between all other designers. I haven't had to offer anything yet and I've been doing this for 8 months!


Most of us have smart phones or tablets with calendars but nothing is better than good old fashioned paper. In addition to using the calender on your phone or tablet, also consider getting a planner or calendar that you can carry around with you. This will help you to view your open times for jewelry bars or completing tasks related to your business. If you are really into cutesy calendars (like myself...sighh) check out Erin Condren's site. I bought a Life Planner and LOVE it. They are on sale at certain times.

"She's Got The Look"

Owl is part of our name but is not a product that we sell. Our core product is JEWELRY. The focus of your display should be jewelry. Owls can be used to accent your display, but should never be the focus, and remember every owl in the market place is not right for your display. :)

IPA - Income Producing Activity!

An IPA is an activity that can eventually lead to producing income for you It is a good idea to do at least one IPA per day. If you want to be a rock star, you will do 3-5 IPAs per day. If you want to be a NINJA, you will do at least 7 per day. Examples of IPAs are passing out business cards, making hostess packets, talking to people about O2, making a list of contacts, looking for vendor events, wearing your locket, making donations to fundraisers, leaving a card with a tip after a meal, following up with a customer, hostess coaching etc.
IPAs are NOT searching on Google for Owl images or statues; they are not debating with the competition over who has the better product; they are not playing Facebook games.

What IPAs will you have on your list?

Our new partnership!!! With The Band Perry!

Be sure to check out the Lockettes page for all the FAQs on this awesome new partnership!

What If you have lots of questions?

I want to ensure that everyone knows to always reach out to your mentor first when you have training related and getting started questions. Your mentor is available to help you and should be your first point of contact when you have a question. If she does not know the answer, he or she can help you find it.

Please help your mentor to grow by ASKING questions and allowing them to ask their mentor questions so that that they can be the best mentor that she can be.

By always asking others for assistance, your mentor does not get the chance to learn how to be an affective mentor and leader. You also want to ensure that you are getting accurate information.. Often times people who reply to questions on the larger groups mean well, but they are giving bad information and you will not be set up for success.

Mentors, be sure to send your new team members a welcome email with your contact inf and ensure that they know how to get logged in, find the resources section and place an order.. If you need help, don't forget to ask your mentor and then keep going up to the upline mentor together so that everyone has the chance to learn and mentor.

The Back Office - Did you know?

Go to Resources (lightbulb) tab then....Look on the left hand side....

  • Check out how you can track your way to Paradise! O2's new incentive trip is listed under "Take Flight To Paradise"....track your way to Cabo!
  • An entire new section on The Band Perry partnership!
  • There is a whole section just for New Designers!!! (It says "New Designers Start Here")
  • Hostess Materials - list the new September Hostess Exclusive and LOTS more!
  • Marketing Materials - look for "Social Media" images for great pics and images
  • BUSINESS MATERIALS - This is an important one! Here you will find Missing Item forms, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES and so much more
  • Event and Jewelry Bar Materials! everything you need to make your events awesome!
  • Sponsoring Materials - Get all set to add to your team! Once you get started you'll want to share O2 with EVERYONE!
  • Webinar playbacks! Missed the Monday night webinar? NO PROBLEM! They are all housed here under "webinar playbacks". Get comfy and get caught up!
  • O2 Connection Newsletter - Make sure you are all ready to go for O2's company sponsored Newsletter that goes out to EVERY customer's email address. Make sure you are all set up, once you are set up, each customer's info is automatically added!

Calendar section - Stay organized by adding all of your JB's in this handy Calendar!

Organization tab - As you grow, you can keep tabs on ALL of your downline here!

Orders tab - This is how you can keep track of if customers orders are shipped and also keep track of your personal orders. If you want to order Wholesale, you would go to this tab, then New Order and sign in on your site again.

Commissions tab - Here's how you keep track of your sales and teams sales! Click Volume to see where you and everyone else is at for the month!

Party star - Here's where you enter in each Jewelry Bar that you do. Be sure to close your parties within 30 days of holding the party.

Be sure to send your hostesses this awesome pic so they can share on their FB pages!

Are you on our Lockette Facebook team page?

You are missing out if you aren't! I post LOTS of great info here all the time. But it's also a great place to celebrate YOU!

And as you add to your sure to add your new team members here!!!

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When's the new stuff coming?

That's the million dollar question...stay tuned to the Back Office Newsfeed for all updates on when we can start ordering TOMs (Take Out Menus - catalogs!)

New product will be available for purchase starting October 1st. NEW BRACELETS will be available to purchase starting November 1st. Get those Jewelry Bars booked!!!