Hero Project


Equanimous Introduction!

Kyle Evenson is a student currently attending Wilmette Junior High School. He plays volleyball on the school team. He started only fairly recently but has always been interested in the sport. He also used to play soccer for Park District. Despite being athletic, sports are not his only interest. He also enjoys playing video games including Borderlands 2, Spiral Knights and Castle Crashers.

Equanimous Definition Essay!

The Webster definition of a hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. When thinking of a hero, you imagine Superman flying across the sky, people in capes and those with superhuman abilities. However, a hero is actually someone who thinks of others before themselves and someone who can be looked up to by at least 1 person.

A hero is someone who thinks of others before themselves. Imagine somebody helping a complete stranger carry groceries to their car. Consider just how grateful that person might be for as simple of a task as groceries. The person who needed help would realize just how big of an impact one small task can have. That person would be left in a bright mood because of somebody else's kindness. This can also lead to the person needing help to think about how they were helped and go on to assist somebody else. This chain leads to a better environment for everyone and a better community. That all leads back to the 1 person starting it by taking 3 minutes out of their own time and putting it into someone else's.

Being a hero is being looked up to by any amount of people or type of people. Joe is not very popular with a small friend group and always sits in back of class. One day, he is approached by Schmo, who is not popular either, but still more so than Joe, and the two become very close friends. Eventually, Joe began to look up to Schmo while not idolizing him. He began to use Schmo as an example to try and better himself, and still looks to Schmo, and as a result, becomes more popular. Schmo is acting as a role model for Joe defines him as a hero.

My hero, Kyle fits the definition of hero by always including others and working to entertain, feed or amuse everyone around him. He is also looked up to by me and i’m sure at least one other person. There are also other definitions for a hero. Some might say a hero is one who works day and night to help everyone, and someone who makes a lasting impact on the world. These are also true, but have spots for only those who are either perfect or geniuses. An ordinary hero is simple, but still impacts their surroundings in their own way.

Equanimous Cinquain Poem!

Cinquain Style of Poem:

Line 1- Title of Poem

Line 2- Description of Title

Line 3- Action of the title

Line 4- Feeling about title

Line 5-Synonym of title


Kind, Thoughtful

Entertaining, Baking, Joking

Great to Have Around