Constellation, Samantha Morrow, Chupacabra, Fourth Period


The horrible earthborn giant Typhoeus suddenly appeared one day, startling all the gods into taking on different forms to flee. Jupiter, for instance, transformed himself into a ram; Mercury became an ibis; Apollo took on the shape of a crow; Diana hid herself as a cat; and Bacchus disguised himself as a goat. Venus and her son Cupid were bathing on the banks of the Euphrates River that day, and took on the shapes of a pair of fish to escape danger. Minerva later immortalized the event by placing the figures of two fish amongst the stars.The zodiacal constellation Pisces represents two fish, tied together with a cord. The constellation is neither particularly bright nor easy to locate, but it lies near Pegasus and Aquarius. Mythology came from Comfy Chair


Van Maanen's Star, at 12.36 magnitude, is located in this constellation. The other stars are mostly galaxies, they are usually made up out of yellow eliptical spiral galaxies.

Fun and interesting facts about Pisces

  1. Pisces is the sign about dreams and mysticism.
  2. The Pisces constellation is ruled by the feet.
  3. Pisces is the Water constellation
  4. Pisces lucky color is a soft sea green
  5. The key phrase of pisces is "I believe"
  6. The pisces birth flower is Violet
  7. Daffodil, Jonquil, and Water Lilly are also birth flowers
  8. You have to be born in between Febuary 19th to March 20th to be considered a pisces <3
  9. Pisces opposite sign is Virgo