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September 25, 2015

Standards Based Learning - the Beebe Way!

Standards based learning is a shift in mindset. It changes students' attitudes from "I can't do this" to "I can't do this YET".

The progression of skills that you will see on our new standards based report card shows 4 areas of proficiency:

Beginning: Beginning is where the learning begins. It means being able to perform the skill with the help of friends or a teacher. It might be group work where students are helping each other or it might be whole class instruction. Beginning is the first step in learning something new.

Approaching: In any standard, Approaching is where students learn the vocabulary as well as the many skills that are necessary for that standard. For example, Approaching may include learning the terms factor and multiple and then learning to identify factors and multiples. These are skills needed to meet the actual standard for finding the greatest common factor or least common multiple.

Secure: This is the target! Being secure in a standard is when a student can consistently perform all the skills necessary for that standard. Secure means that the student has mastered that standard.

Exemplary: A student who performs at the exemplary level in a particular standard applies the learning in a new way with little or no extra instruction. Exemplary is not just doing more of the standard. Some examples of exemplary work might include explaining why mathematicians must use the order of operations or creating a puzzle that uses multiplying and dividing decimals.

Honors Math Students in Action

4th Grade Honors Math

4th graders are studying factors and multiples. They are looking for patterns and learning when to use factors and when to use multiples when solving problems. Their solid understanding of multiplication is the foundation.

Ask your student about this standard and how it's going for them.

5th Grade Honors Math

5th graders are learning to multiply and divide decimals. They are estimating, making models, and looking for patterns to learn how these operations work. Those who have mastered this standard are creating a puzzle based on these skills. Real life problems provide a context for their understanding.

Ask your student about this standard and how he/she is progressing.

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