Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

The Most Dangerous Night of Their Lives

Night of the Twisters

Dan is just a normal boy. But, he will experience multiple tornadoes. He and Arthur get trapped in the basement but get out. Dan even drives a police cruiser! In the police cruiser, they get chased by a tornado. Dan's mom and dad and brother aren't in the Kmart but found him driving around! Dan and his family had to live at their grandparents house because their house was destroyed. The whole community was destroyed! Will you join Dan on his exiting journey? This book will make you leap!!

Main characters

Stacey is one of Arthur's sisters that joins the journey.

Dan is the main character in first person.

Arthur is Dan's best friend.

Join Dan on his exciting journey...

Setting of the Story

The story takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska, Dan's house, Arthur's house and Mrs. Smiley's house.

Problem and Solution

Problem 1: Finding mom, dad and Ryan

Solution 1: Mom, dad and Ryan were riding around and found Dan walking down the park

Problem 2: Finding out if the tornado was coming

Solution 2: They heard sucking of the drains, witch means there is a tornado