All About Me

By: Naomi Emory

Education Experience

  • Before becoming a teacher I worked as an aide in Anna ISD for about a year. I have been a teacher for almost three years. In these three years I have taught Resource, 3rd Grade Math, and 5th Grade ELAR.
  • Since the year 2008 I have helped in the Library in Anna ISD. I have help set up the pet habitats, assisted with all of the spring and fall bookfairs, created and taught lessons over various topics, and more.


  • I am currently enrolled in the Library Science Program at Sam Houston State and as of this December I have taken 15 hours towards my masters.
  • As of right now, I will be graduating this program in December of 2016.

Professional Development

  • I have attended the Texas Library Conference six different times, attending breakout sessions that have taught me many valuable lessons about the library and many different amazing ideas that could be applied toward library practices.
  • I have attended ISTE, TCEA, and various EdCamp Conferences through out my education career. I like to stay as up to date as possible, especially in emerging technology and the applications of that technology.
  • This past summer I helped present at the Converge Technology Conference presented by McKinney ISD.
  • I also have presented at my campus' Tech Tuesday. This is a time where teachers can sign up for technology lessons in the library after school, depending on what items they would like to learn about.


Now that I have discussed my education background and my professional development experiences, I would like to share a little about me.

  • I love crafting. Currently I am teaching myself handlettering. I also love beadwork, crochet, quilting, and other types of sewing.
  • I also enjoy spending as much time outdoors as I can. I ride four-wheelers, play with my puppies, and more.
  • I have a wonderful little sister, who is now thirteen, that I spend time with every weekend. We do crafts, read, watch special shows, and cook together.
  • I have been married for a year and a half to the love of my life, Steven Emory.
  • Last, but definitely not least, my favorite thing to do is to read. I read whenever I can get a spare moment. I even choose purses based on how well I can fit a book inside.

It is my dream to instill the same love of reading that I have in as many students as I possibly can. I think that reading is very important and that everyone can be a reader, they only have to find the right book.