Carraway Coture

Grand Opening!

Nick Carraway, New York's Newest Rising Fashion Critic

We all know "Picky Nicky" from his point-blank fashion critiques as well as his brutal honesty, acute opinions, and boldness. From cars to people to houses, he has started to branch into the fashion industry to the joy of the populous. We know of his confusion while he lived in Chicago, and when we talked to him about it, he told us: "I was within and without." He told us this meant that he was unsure if this was the right move for him, so calling back his old ways of advice giving, he decided to look into the fashion industry and came to New York to find a new life.

Nick's Picks

The Launch of Nick's Newest Line

Seen here, Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby seemingly stepping off the red carpet flashing Carraway Couture's newest conquest.

The newest line, called "Perfectly Prohibited" will launch next season. This line is inspired by the fantastic flapper-wear and super speakeasy suits that will be promised to be one of the most successful lines in the fashion industry of the 1920's.