Faculty Meeting Jan. 30, 2013

Learning Opportunities for Staff

Learning for Today

Staff members will show what their understanding of each of the following Articles of the Visioning Document (Digital Learning Environment, New Learning Standards and Assessment) in preparation for choosing their area of interest.


1 - Staff members will group themselves in groups of 1 to 3 making sure that each is from a different content area as well as a different grade level.

2 - Staff members will then create a visual representation of their learning by showing either a quote or picture indicating what each Article means if it were to be fully realized (Level 4). Along with the picture or quote, members will include an explanation of each article.

3 - Staff members will be able to choose any form of digital application to demonostrate learning - including smore, prezi, glogster, etc. No MicroSoft applications (Word, Power Point or Excel) will be allowed as an internet link is needed.

4 - Staff members will then submit their presentations via a google form (found in their inbox at that time - titled "Links for Faculty Meeting")

Ticket Out

Upon completing their presentations, groups will be given an announcement including information about receiving another google form in which staff members will be choosing which "work group" they would like to be a part of on Feb. 18 - Campus Staff Development Day.

Work Groups are as follows:

1 - Digital Learning Environment

2 - New Learning Standards

3 - Assessment

4 - Learner Voice (looking at different data points - what are learner's telling us?)

5 - Learning Framework (exclusive to Leadership Team Members only)