Bradley Wonders Weekly Newsletter


Hi Parents!

Spring break is just around the corner! I look forward to seeing you all this week. This Friday is the spring party from 2:30-3:30 pm. If you are interested in volunteering to help and be a part of the party please let me know. We will also be needing some items donated for that day. There are a list of items below. Thank you!

Items for Party:

Craft Items

Craft Sticks (Popsicle Sticks)

1 pack of plastic spoons

craft pom poms

1 bag of regular size rubber bands

Food Items

Capri Sun or Fruit drink (we have 25 students)

Individually wrapped Rice Krispie treats

Any individually wrapped snack that is peanut-free

Bag of individually wrapped candy

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Upcoming Events and Dates

March 14- GATES District testing

March 15-Study Guide Due

March 16- Parent Teacher Conferences

March 17- Math Test; Parent Teacher Conferences

March 18- Spring Party 2:30-3:30

March 21-28th- SPRING BREAK!!

Celebration Corner

Happy Birthdays for the Month of March go out to:

Evelyn Riley- 2nd

Pooja Nagareddygari- 5th

Joey Szydlowski- 8th

Molly Fitzgerald- 10th

Congratulations to our top 3 readers this week:

Benji with 1,300 minutes

Sophie with 1,000 minutes

AnnElise with 850 minutes

Congratulations to for meeting their goals!

Begin with the End in Mind

Class Goals:

We will read 40,000 minutes this quarter.

We will earn 200 marbles this quarter. We are more than half way there!

Grade Level Goal:

As a grade level we will score 87% or higher on our math topics.

As a grade level we will have 97% attendance each week.

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Curriculum Highlights

Science/Social Studies-Students have learned quite a bit about mythology through class discussion, reading Percy Jackson and their individual research for their cards. They have really enjoyed hearing the different myths.

Reading- We will finish Percy Jackson this week. Students took their Unit 4/5 End of the Quarter exam last week. We have been focusing on constructed responses with complete sentences and at least 2 details in the text.

Writing- Students will be presenting their 3 mythology trading cards this week. They are learning to summarize their 3 characters into a few sentences.

Math- Topic 13 is Extending Fraction Concepts which includes decimals and money. Study Guide is due March 15th and Test date is March 17th.

Homework for this Week

Reading Log Due Friday

No Study Island Homework This Week

No Spelling Words