APRIL 2015

Hey Friends!

There have been some amazing developments over the past month with our local ministry, language learning, ministry training, and personal lives. We're really excited to share these updates and appreciate you taking the time to follow our ministry!


Many of you know that we've developed a great relationship with a Turkish couple here in College Station (Ceylan and Dugyu), and we're excited to say that God is beginning to do some cool things in their life. They came to our church on Easter Sunday, and a few days after that Kelley was getting tea with Dugyu. As they talked, Duygu began asking a lot of questions about Jesus and Christianity and our faith. They are still not ready to put their faith in Jesus, but we're praising the Lord that he seems to be softening their hearts.

Also, we got to visit a local Turkish organization recently and met many new Turkish families. It was a great chance to build roots into that community and through this meeting we got to know another Turkish couple who lives in our apartments (yusuf and Zenep). We had them over for tea this week and it was a great chance to build a relationship and introduce our faith to them. They are very conservative and devout in Islam, but they were very friendly and spoke good english so we're praying that we could build a deep relationship with them.

Prayer Points

1. God would continue moving in the lives of Dugyu and Ceylan

2. God would provide gospel opportunities for Yusuf and Zenep

3. God would bring another family to join us overseas

4. God would begin forming a support team to send and equip us

5. God would raise Kennedy to know and love Him

6. God would help us to learn the Turkish language

7. God would use our life group to prepare and train us