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April 11, 2016


It's time for the second round of eLearning! On Friday I sent home a paper list of assignments in addition to office hours for myself, the school, and the tech helpline should you need help. Our goal is to have 100% of students complete their eLearning. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Climate and Culture Survey

We have teamed up with the National School Climate Survey Center to allow us to receive feedback from every single member of our school community. Your feedback is extremely important to us. A letter was sent home with your child that includes more information about the survey. We are asking for you to complete the survey and provide us with valuable information about specific climate issues at our school. Upon completing the survey, if you would fill out the bottom portion of the handout that was sent home with your child, you will be entered into our drawing for a Walmart gift card. The survey window will be open from now through April 29th. You can find the survey link on the letter sent home with your child. You will find the parent survey at:


Again, thank you for your time and feedback. This will allow us to make future school planning initiatives at MCK. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Mrs. Tracy, the school counselor.


In reading we working through our fantasy book club books. Students will continue to read through their chosen fantasy books. As we read, students will:

  • learn to suspend judgement: characters (and places) are not always what they seem
  • reflecting on learning and raising the level of book clubs
  • learn that characters face different kinds of dragons - some are literal, while others are metaphorical dragons symbolizing conflicts faced by those characters
  • learn that readers learn real life-lessons from fantastical characters
  • understand that quests can be internal as well as external


Students are working on Unit 21, the good with the bad (bene/bon, mal, dys)

Here is the word study schedule:

  • Monday - get new word study list. Read over the words and discuss their meanings
  • Tuesday - complete parts A and B
  • Wednesday - complete parts C and D
  • Thursday - complete E and F
  • Friday - go over answers and take the word study test for that unit


In math we are finishing up Topic 13: Units of Measure. We have been practicing converting a variety of units. We have also been practicing using a reference sheet to help us convert measurements. We will begin Topic 14: Data. Students will:

  • convert metric units of mass
  • review topic 13
  • take the topic 13 post test and the topic 14 pre test
  • analyze and create line plots
  • analyze data from surveys

If your child has the oportunity at home, please encourage them to log onto www.xtramath.org to practice their math facts. Also, if possible, encourage them to log onto dreambox to complete a lesson. Dreambox presents lessons specifically for each student. It can be accessed by visiting dekalbcentral.net. Click on the media centers link then click on McKenney-Harrison. You can also click on the following link https://play.dreambox.com/login/sz5f/mckenneyharrisone

IF you have an ipad you can enter this school code:



In writing we are working on fantasy stories. These are basically narratives with thoughtful fantasy characteristics. Writing fantasy can be very challenging. Writer's cannot just add random fantasy elements and get a good story. Everything has to be well thought out and flow with each other. Students will:

  • generate possible themes for fantasy stories
  • flash draft a story
  • Revise stories to add details showing parts bit by bit
  • Revise stories to help readers truly see the setting, characters, and events come to life


Here are the dates and tests we will be taking for ISTEP and NWEA. Please try to avoid appointments and absences. THANK YOU!


  • 4/18 ISTEP Math Section 1
  • 4/19 ISTEP Math Section 2
  • 4/20 ISTEP Math Section 3
  • 4/22 ISTEP English Language Arts Section 1
  • 4/25 ISTEP English Language Arts Section 2
  • 4/27 ISTEP English Language Arts Section 3
  • 4/28 ISTEP Social Studies Section 1
  • 4/29 ISTEP Social Studies Section 2


  • 5/4 NWEA Math
  • 5/10 NWEA English Language Arts

Dates to Remember

  • 4/7-15 BOGO Book Fair
  • 4/8-18 e-learning window for April
  • 4/12 Kindergarten Round-Up 6:00 pm
  • 4/14 Spring Music Program 7:00-8:00 pm
  • 4/18-5/6 ISTEP+ Part 2 Window
  • 4/20 Hungry Howie's Fundraiser Night
  • 5/12 Career Day
  • 5/18 Hungry Howie's Fundraiser Night
  • 5/20 Shark Day (students will get to dissect a shark!)
  • 5/26 Last Student Day

Specials Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Thursday - Library

Friday - Gym