Connected Learning

Creating a Global Classroom


As a district we are always striving to move ahead, to create innovative learning experiences and expose our students to the exciting world beyond our classroom doors. To this end, the district's Vision 2015 Plan has a goal to, "Provide opportunities for students to connect with other countries and expand their cultural awareness." Becoming a connected educator and knowing how to create a global classroom literally opens up a world of opportunities for you and your students. Learn more at D103's Cultural Awareness Website.

What is Blended Professional Development?

These workshops will be presented in a "blended" learning format. You'll have access to a variety of resources (iBooks, videos, websites etc.) and time to digest them before each workshop, allowing you to make our face-to-face time practical, productive, and responsive to your needs.

Part One: Gonna Get Yourself Connected!

How to Engage, Inspire, and Learn with Twitter

A roadmap to harnessing the potential of Twitter as a teaching and learning tool. This iTunes U course will take you through the basics of how Twitter works and how to leverage its education potential. Specifically, this course highlights natural connections with enhancing instruction as well as promoting communication and developing your personal learning network.

Getting Started with Skype in the Classroom

Teachers sign-up and connect with classrooms and experts from around the world. Co-teach, plan virtual field trips, and collaborate with other students all in real-time.

Part Two: Tools to Help Your Students Connect and Collaborate

A La Carte Website Workshops

The purpose of these 30 minute workshops will be to highlight the major concepts and features behind each of these powerful tools. Additional workshops can be planned for individuals or groups who would like time to learn how to use them and how to integrate them with their existing curriculum.
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