1 Week of Online Life Coaching

with Certified Life Coach & Author Lisa Gore

For ONLY $150.00!

Here is what your 7 days of online coaching consist of!

*Unlimited emails messages

*Applicable articles sent right to your inbox

*Applicable video messages of information and encouragement

*A list of self help books that apply

*Advice on personal issues via Face Time/Live Chat

*Five 30 minute Live Chats throughout the week

Beyond The Chrysalis is where you can go!

This is for anyone who is ready to go beyond their current state of being & SOAR!

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Pleased Partaker

"Lisa, thank you so much for taking the time to coach me back to a place of peace. I was in a bad space when I reached out to you and I really didn't want to put my venerability on display. But I am glad I did.

You offended me within the first 5 minutes and I silently cried while you spoke. But as the session went on, I realized, you were just what the doctor ordered. I am glad I reached out and I thank you for your honesty and commitment to my excellence.

Thank you,

Shekinah Flowers

"Last week I made an appointment with Lisa Gore with hopes that I would get some guidance. I didn't know what to give or get from this phone call and I'm happy to say I got way more then I expected. Lisa Thank you so much for the virtual PUSH! You renewed my faith in "Sisters" and put me back on the right path regarding my career and relationships. I'm feeling so good right now, I dare anyone to try and stop me. Lisa Gore is the TRUTH! Please believe me!