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First Aid Emergency Procedures - By Rishod D Lovejoy

Emergency Action Tips :

When you are in an emergency the key it to stay calm.

1. Check the scene and stay calm.

2. Check the victim.

3. Call local 911, or emergency station.

4. Use proper first aid care.

5. Keep people who are not needed away from the victim.

6. Complete an accident report.

First Aid for Burns :

Knowing first aid for burns means that you don't have to suck your finger any more when you burn it!

1. Remove the source of the heat.

2. Cool the burned skin to stop the burning.

3. Apply cool water to the area. (Not to cold)

4. Minimize shock.

First Aid for Wounds :

Their are four different types of wounds: Abrasions, laceration, avulsion, and puncture wounds.

For Minor Wounds:

1. Wear disposable gloves to protect yourself.

2. Clean the wound.

3. Apply pressure to stop bleeding.

4. If bleeding does not stop, raise above wound.

For Major wounds:

1. Wear disposable gloves.

2. Control bleeding and keep putting pressure on it.

3. cover wound with clean bandages.

4. Wait until emergency comes to help.

First Aid for Choking :

Best thing to use is the Heimlich Maneuver.

1. Stand behind the victim, wrap your hands around the victims waist. Locate the victims naval.

2. Make a fist with one hand and slide your fist against the middle of the abdomen just above the navel and below the bottom of the breast bone.

3. place other hand on top of fist.

4. Then thrust.


CPR is a life saving technique, performed on people who are not breathing.

CPR helps the flow of air. With CPR you need to do 30 compressions and two breaths.