Wetlands And Watersheds

By: Karli Bacha and Sara Hamri


When precipitation applies the precipitation becomes runoff. Then the runoff goes into river,streams, ponds,and other bodies of water. When runoff is on it's move the land it covers is called it's watershed. If a watershed is polluted the river that the runoff flows into will become polluted also.


When runoff is moving, it picks up rocks, materials, and organisms. These are all examples of sediments.

Why a Watershed matters

Whats's a Watershed?

What is a wetland?


A wetland is a place with a lot of water with plants and organisms to slow it's drainage down.Wetlands can be Lentic or lotic systems. Water can cover wetlands year round or for a period of time. There are different types of wetlands such as bogs, marshes, or swamps.
Wetlands 101 - What is a Wetland?

There is three types of wetlands

Wetlands are all around you!