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Radiators- What Does This Heating Method Imply?

Radiators work by transmitting heat on a surface. At their turn the radiators’ surfaces literally radiate the heat to the rest to the rooms and to the objects inside a room. They are used both in electrical central heating systems and in gas based ones, but their efficiency is not the same in both cases. If radiators used in gas heating systems make use of hot water that circulates in the unit, thus needing a connection to the main water pipe and a boiler, which is able to constantly heat the water, the situation is much different when it comes to electric one.

The radiators and your electrical systems

As I mentioned, the technology is far different. Firstly, there are two types of heating radiators used in electric heating. First off, there are the ones which simply work with an element placed inside the radiating unit. This element is directly heated by the input of electric power, then release the heat to the radiating surface of the unit.

Secondly, there are the models which make use of an oil or of anti-corrosive water. Whilst the technology is similar to the one of radiators using an element inside the unit, the only difference is that the element is submerged in one of the above mentioned liquids. The main benefit is that the heat of the element is diffused more evenly on the surface of the radiator. Regardless of the model you choose, remember than electric radiators are far more efficient than gas powered ones.