Creating a vision for D230's future

Creating a vision for D230 future

Dear District 230 Students, Families, Staff and Community,

As a District, we are committed to assuring that we meet the changing globalized needs of a students, staff, families, and community members. As we plan for the future, we want to hear from you about what should be included in our new strategic plan. Your thoughts will inform the work of a committee that will meet throughout the summer to develop our new vision, mission, and strategic pillars.

The big question we need your help answering is:

Big picture

We ask that you consider:

  • What are the major issues and trends facing students and society today?

  • What are some things we could be doing to enhance and improve the learning experience for all students?

  • What is working well in District 230 and what could be done better?

Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible in this process. To help gather your insights we are launching a special virtual conversation on a platform called ThoughtExchange so that everyone has a chance to share their perspectives and understand what’s most important to our school community.


ThoughtExchange is not a survey, but rather an online conversation that operates as a way to crowdsource ideas. Participation is about not only sharing your thoughts in response to an open-ended question, but also about reviewing and rating the thoughts of your colleagues.

ThoughtExchange operates as a three-phased process in the span of a condensed period:

  1. SHARE - Participants share thoughts or ideas in response to the open-ended question

  2. STAR - Participants are encouraged to revisit the exchange often to review and rate the thoughts of others

  3. DISCOVER - Participants can track the results of the exchange in real time, including which thoughts are rated highest and what themes are emerging.


  • LOG ON - You can participate in ThoughtExchange via any device. Note that all responses are confidential. Thoughts are not linked to specific participants or to which thoughts they star.

    From any device join the conversation by visiting and typing in the code 570-197-819.

    Or, follow the specific links and directions below:

    • DESKTOP (participate in your browser)

    • MOBILE (participate via a mobile device such as a tablet or phone)

    • THOUGHTEXCHANGE APP (download from the Apple store and enter the code 570-197-819)

    • SMS/TEXT ACCESS - Text the 9-digit code 570-197-819 to the phone number 728-55 to get a link to participate in this exchange
      (NOTE: Message and data rates may apply. You'll receive responses to any messages you send, and up to 3 messages total to keep you up-to-date with this exchange. Text STOP to opt out or HELP for help. For our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, go to

  • SHARE THOUGHTS - Add a response (“thought”) to the open-ended question posed. Enter as many thoughts as you like

  • RATE THOUGHTS - React to or (“star”) thoughts shared by others.

  • DISCOVER - At any time you can go to the Discover Dashboard to see the top thoughts in real-time. After the exchange closes, a report of the top thoughts will be generated and a link to the full results will be shared later this spring.

  • TRANSLATIONS - This platform uses Google Translate to allow for real-time engagement across multiple languages. As such, some of the translations won’t be perfect, especially when a participant uses slang or conversational language to articulate their thoughts. Nonetheless, we use this translation option to allow maximum participation and access for voices.


The District 230 Strategic Planning Exchange will remain open through the end of the day on Monday, May 24. During that time you are encouraged to visit the exchange multiple times to fully engage in the discussion, respond to ideas from others and discover how your ideas compare.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas as we set a course for the future of District 230. Thank you in advance for taking some time to help us develop a vision, mission and strategic pillars to guide our work for the next generation of Eagles, Chargers and TBolts.


Dr. Robert J. Nolting

Incoming Superintendent