Kailey Wessel's PDP

Year 2

Higher Level Questioning

These are the easy-to-use cards that I have been using daily for pushing students' thinking to a higher level.

Thinking Outside the Box- Class Activities

Text Evidence- Find the Proof! Why? How do you KNOW?

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Have the characters changed from the beginning of the book to the end of the book? Who has changed? How do you know? The students went beyond just highlighting, and gave specific reasons of WHY and HOW the evidence they chose backs them up. The students highlighted in their own texts first, and then we discussed what they highlighted and added it to the SmartBoard, using highlighter tools.
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Their Own Packets...

Reading Response Journals

Finding Evidence On Their Own

The students did this exercise on their own, as well, and wrote next to each highlighted portion the question that the highlighted evidence correlates with to show me what they found.