By: Samuel Totz

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Size & Weight

Size:90-105cm (35-42in)

Weight:6.8-11kg (15-24lbs)

Jackal Information

The Jackal is found in Asia, Africa, and Southern Europe. Their species is not endangered. Jackals, because they are mostly nocturnal, inhabit small rock caves or dens made by other animals to keep cool during the day. Jackals are divided into four species: golden Jackal, the side-striped Jackal, the black backed jackal, and the Ethiopian wolf Jackal. They are carnivores and their favorite foods are small mammals, birds, and reptiles. They are even known to eat poisonous snakes! Jackals do like to scavenge for larger predictors, though, and according to a-z-animals.com their favorite food is Antelope. Jackals are mostly found in packs of 10 - 30, but they do like to hunt alone or in small groups. Jackals run, like most dogs, but they can run at speeds up to 16 mph for a extended periods of time. Jackals are a member of the Canis genus so, they are closely related to most dogs, and wolves.

Website(s) used: http://a-z-animals.com