why not to drinking and driving

BY: VictorValencia

Definition of DWI,and what a felony is

DWI- driving while intoxicated

Felony- a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death.

5 statistics/facts on drinking and driving

  1. Driving while either intoxicated or drunk is dangerous and drivers with high blood alcohol content or concentration (BAC) are at greatly increased risk of car accidents
  2. Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable
  3. It's easy to forget that dry statistics represent real people and real lives.
  4. alcohol-impaired driving remains a serious national problem that tragically effects many victims annually.
  5. Although the proportion of crashes that are alcohol-related has dropped dramatically in recent decades, there are still far too many such preventable accidents.

30 ways DWI can effect you

  1. misses up family
  2. harder to live some where
  3. can't leave the country
  4. can't leave the state
  5. jail time
  6. won't be their for their kids
  7. you can't control your habits
  8. harder to find work
  9. no more drinking
  10. no partying
  11. no friends
  12. rehab
  13. people will look at you differently
  14. make you get mad easily
  15. no privileges
  16. can't what you want
  17. stay in your house
  18. lose hair
  19. get bad breath
  20. take certain things
  21. you think you are going crazy
  22. bad lungs
  23. cancer
  24. possible deaths
  25. thinking differently
  26. on one will want to be around you
  27. you breath will stink
  28. can't drive for a while
  29. going to get in to trouble
  30. crave to drink more

5 Way to avoid drinking and driving

  1. don't drink and drive
  2. get to where you need to go and then drink
  3. just drive and drink soda or water
  4. don't drink at all
  5. think about what will happen if you do

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