Edge Banding

PVC edge banding machine {made in india}

Edge Banding machine-some basic things

Most of the people prefer machines because it works fast and gives the output or result within few minutes or time.It is available in different price range. Numbers of resources are available from where you can buy this machine. There is a website name cancomachines.com. They deal in edge banding machinery. What would be the features of it if you buy it from them. Edge banding with two gluing rollers can apply glue on board as well as on top. Edge Bander can do straight edge banding. Edge bander can do the edge banding on round pieces and on curves also. Edge bander have Micro switch fitted on table for auto cut of tape. This edge bander have adjustable front table for both side or single side trimming option. Edge Bander suitable for PVC tape, melamine, wood veneer, paper tape. Edge bander have counter meter for tape cutting. So, these are the features of edge banding. If you want any type of more information regarding edge banding and other types of furniture machinery you can visit them.

This machine use for pvc edge banding tape pasting contact us www.cancomachines.com