Wildcat Cub Newsletter

Classroom News from Mrs. Johnson

Anchor book for the week:

After Lola reads a book about gardening she wants to plant a garden of her own. She heads to the library to research which flowers she would like to plant. Then Lola and her mommy buy the seeds, plant a garden, and mark the rows of flowers. Now it's time to wait and wait and wait.

What's happening this week???

This week we will:

  • Water our plants each day and give them lots of love.
  • Journal about our plants and the progress they make each day.
  • Examine seeds in the discovery center
  • Count and sort seeds.
  • Create flower art.

Kindness Tree

This is our kindness tree. In December we began talking about kindness. What does kindness mean? What does kindness look like? Why should we be kind to each other? How does it feel to be kind to others? How does it feel when others are kind to you? Every time someone notices someone else being kind they share it with the class. The person who committed the act of kindness ties a ribbon on the kindness tree.

  • December, 19 acts of kindness
  • January, 21 acts of kindness
  • February, 36 acts of kindness
  • March, a whopping 72 acts of kindness!!!
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Upcoming Events

April 11th (Monday) : Big Truck Night at Great Beginnings

April 20th (Wednesday) : Parent Teacher Conferences 8am to 8pm

April 21st (Thursday) : Parent Teacher Conference 8am to 8pm

April 21st (Thursday) No School

April 22nd (Friday) No School