Good Times, Bad Times

Sage Nixon

The New Deal

  • By the 1930's, the State was experiencing horrible economic times.
  • Kansas had voted overwhelmingly to elect Roosevelt president.
  • Many people were bankrupt.
  • The New Deal included programs that helped people who were unemployed.

Life Goes On

  • Even when people were facing hard times life went on.
  • Glen Cunningham was a world class runner.
  • Amelia Earhart was a famous Kansan in the 1940's until a tragic disappearance, many people have different beliefs on where she went.
  • Amelia was the most famous Aviator and may still be.

A Kansan Runs for President

  • As the American economy slowly improved, Franklin D. Roosevelt became a increasingly liked President.
  • Two years after Roosevelt became president the Democrats got control over the elections.
  • Landon took his defeat well and accepted it.
  • Landon's Father was an oil worker.
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John Manuel Landon (Alf Landon's Father)