Shakira: Loca

Latin Pop Music - By Sierra Mamay

About the Song

"Loca" in English meaning "crazy", is a song by a famous Columbian singer and songwriter, Shakira. The song is featured with other artists as well, including Edward Bello, Armando Pérez, and Dylan Mills. The song was released in September of 2010.

Characteristics of the Music

The major characteristics of the music are syncopation, call and response, Spanish Decima, Rhythm, and language. Spanish guitar, bass, drums, conga, and timbales. A cultural event or tradition that this music is associated with are Quincinetas. Selna Quintanilla, Marc Anthony, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez. Salsa dancing is a type of dance that is associated with this type of music. Having a partner, moving your hips, and staying with the beat are characteristics of dancing to this type of music.

History of the Music

The origin of the music is Romanian, Latin American, Philippines. The song is mostly played, listened to and danced to in Latin America or Latin Europe, Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal. The song originated in the 16th century in Central and South America.