Northern Spotted Owl

Strix Occidentalis Caurina

Where is it found?

The Northern Spotted Owl is found throughout its range of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, and British Columbia. The majority of the owls live west of the Cascade Mountains. The core of the population is found in Northern California and Southern Oregon.


This owl has and still does depend on classic old growth forests because it allows them to easily survive and manage duties such as foraging and nesting.

Why is it endangered?

Land conversions; changing the "status" of a certain environment such as a century of logging done in the northern spotted owl's environment is the reason why in 1990 it was put on the list as an endangered species. As their suitable habitat declined so did their population. When these owls were forced to live in smaller areas it did not meet their needs of survival. They were susceptible to starvation, disease, and no protection from natural disasters.
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Ecological importance:

This species is a keystone species and helps the forests and an indicator of old growth for forest dependent species.

Economical importance:

Economically thousands of tourists flock to the locations of the owls in order to see them and admire their beauty.
Northern Spotted Owl