2015 Metro United Way Campaign

2015 MUW Campaign

Last year, we raised $4,200 as a school (staff and students) for Metro United Way! I am blown away every year at the generosity of our staff. Day in and day out, we serve some students and families that are struggling to meet basic needs. We understand the barrier that exists for learners when there are health, financial, or relational stressors in the home. MUW supports a variety of programs in our community that help our students and their families access programming to connect and develop their independence! From Operation Care to Dorman Center Preschool to Centro Latino to BornLearning to Summer ROAR, your dollars will be well spent to support the continued development of our families and neighbors.

SCPS has set a big goal of $50,000! How can you help us reach that? Consider increasing your donation from last year by one dollar/pay period. If we all did that, we would easily reach our school goal of $5,000.

"Thanks for giving" events will be hosted all week for you to enjoy! Please plan to participate if you are planning a donation of any kind.

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"Thanks for Giving" events

Monday--Be on the lookout for the drink cart--we're delivering your pledge cards!

Tuesday--Chips and Dip--Enjoy a salty snack after school in the Lower Lounge!

Wednesday--Baked Potato/Sweet Potato Bar--Lunch is on us in the Teacher Work Room!

Thursday--Coffee Bar--Start your morning off with a pick-me-up at the Office Island!

Friday--Sweet Treats--Check in freezers upstairs and down for your dessert!

Put in your lunch order ASAP:

Reserve your jeans passes today!

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