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GCJHS - November 22, 2021


1. All GCCSC schools will be closed for Thanksgiving Break November 24-26. Enjoy that time with your family and friends and we will see you back at school on Monday, November 29th.

2. The 2021 Lisa Muegge Feast of Plenty Community Outreach has announced plans for their Thanksgiving Day dinner. Meals will be available by carry-out and delivery only.

Thanksgiving Meal
Date: Thursday, November 25, 2021
Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm
Location: Hancock County 4-H Building, 620 N. Apple St.,
Greenfield, IN 46140
Call 317-335-7590 for meal/delivery information

3. December 8th = Greenfield Central 8th graders will take the PSAT 8/9 this semester instead of the NWEA assessment. The PSAT 8/9 is the first test in the SAT Suite of Assessments--which also includes Indiana’s graduation assessment, the SAT. See the letter below for more information.

4. After school transportation changes -- If you need your student to ride a different bus on a particular day, please communicate this in writing to the school office by 3:00pm. This will allow us to get a note that your student can present to the bus driver. If your student will be changing from bus rider to car pick-up, or vice versa, you would only need to communicate that change to the office if you need us to notify your student at school.

5. Are you in need of Food Support? Check out the Food Support Resources 2021-2022 document in the download section below to find locations and times for specific food support.

6. Hancock County Christmas Connection- matches families with a variety of resources available to families in Hancock County for the holidays. Depending on family needs and resources available, families may be assisted through a donor program (where a family is “sponsored” for the holidays) or a community service group program (assistance provided according to service group guidelines). Attempts will be made to serve every family in need of assistance, but please know that completion of this application does not guarantee that your family will receive holiday assistance.

7. Applications for holiday assistance will be available in Student Services from November 1-19. If you have any questions regarding the program or applications please contact Kristy Tweedy, School Social Worker, 317-477-4616, ktweedy@gcsc.k12.in.us


Due to a short week at school there will NOT be a new Up 2 Date next Monday. The next edition will be released on December 6th.

Pictures below are provided by Alayna Morrison

Fun facts & Crafts With Anna Lineback

Movie Edition — Part 2!

This week I’ve prepared a movie night snack craft. You can’t watch a movie without snacks, so this one is really fun to try out. This craft could take from 5 minutes to 30 depending on how much time you want to spend on it, make it your own! This might be one of my favorite editions yet, so I hope you enjoy it also!

Three Lunches and a Meme


WELCOME TO SCHOOL LUNCH REVIEWS! MY NAME IS ANNA STUDER, AND I AM A FOOD CRITIC. I HAVE BEEN TAKING PHOTOS OF MY LUNCH SINCE THE THIRD MONDAY OF SCHOOL. I don’t want to make the lunch ladies look bad, because they have to make lunch for 600 students a day, and the government won't let them make things that they could last year, so imagine how difficult it must be. THEY WORK SO HARD, AND I JUST WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. With the new restaurant format, I will always do three reviews, but one restaurant, and two lunch ones every other week including this one. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!


Big picture

I hope you thought my reviews were somewhat accurate! Thanks for checking out the lunch(and also restaurant) ratings by me, Anna Studer, Food Reviewer. See you next week!

Last week’s historical event’s! by Aidan Bow


1985 November 14

In 1985 Colombia experienced a horrible volcanic eruption. This volcano is known as the Nevado del Ruiz, the Nevado del Ruiz eruption of 1985 killed over 23,000 people and left many areas unlivable mud ice and lava covered the ground Many sources claim it was the 13 but since it happend at night most of the damage was dealt on the 14th.



November 15 1777

On November 15 1777 the Articles of Confederation was passed. When passed, it served as the first constitution of the United States until March 1 1781.



November 16 1965

In 1965 November 16 the Ussr launched Venera 3. The mission plan was for one part to do a flyby of Venus and the other part enter the atmosphere of Venus, open a parachute and touch down on the surface.

The flyby part of the probe also would've served as communication. On March 1 1966 it impacted, making it the first object to do so. However the data could not be communicated to earth, it would take 4 more missions for them to successfully land on Venus.



17 November 1558

Elizabeth I took the throne from her half-sister Mary I, on November 17 1558. Her coronation however didn’t take place until January 15 1559. During the time of her coronation she was only 25 years old!



18 November 1978

On November 18 1978 leader of Peoples Temple.

Jim Jones took his followers into a shack where they all drank poison. They found over 900 body’s.



Date: November 19 2021

On November 19 at 12:30 am Western, a partial lunar eclipse occurred. It was the last one of 2021 and lasted about 4 hours and was the longest lasting eclipse since the 1400s.



November 20th 1985

On November 20th 1985 Windows 1 Released it was used on home computers back in the 80’s sadly they stopped supporting it starting the year 2002.


Poll by Colton

If we had the choice would you prefer Bath and body works soap in the bathroom, or bath and body works hand sanitizer in the RR?

Complete the poll at this link. Results will be shared in the next edition of Up 2 Date.


Polls and more by Gabriel Justice

What's your favorite snack?

Click here to let us know what you like to eat. Results will be shared in the next Up 2 Date.


Do feel like this kitty?
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Drawing by Gabe (created on an OLD school HP computer)

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Winter Semi-Formal Dance Information

by Gustavo Contreras

As COVID is slowly fading away it's time for us to celebrate. Meet us in the main gym and get yourself ready go to the winter formal from 3:45 to 5:45. The entry is $5 and the dance is only for GCJHS students (student ID’s are recommended). It’s going to be a semi formal meaning that you don’t have to wear a suit/dress (mask are required). There's going to be a king and queen raffle along with a court. To participate in this is simple you just have to bring in a toy, and for every toy you bring is a ticket that gets put in a bucket. There’s going to be music, winter themed food and friends. Half the proceeded will be going to toy for tots, so come and enjoy yourself. Make sure to bring a dance partner, because DJ Snowman is planning on having a slow dance. So, please come and join us at the winter formal

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Click here to sign up for Game Club

This will help us figure out what games we should have ready. Plus, you can bring your own games too.

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Upcoming Testing = 8th Graders

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Are you looking for a CLUB to join here @ GCJHS?

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Flyers & More!

NEWS CLUB hard at work and having Fun!

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