Coffee Chat: Café y Conversaciónes

Sponsored by TODOS Market

A good beginning.

On Feb. 28, 2018, spanish speaking parents were invited to participate in the 1st Coffee Chat at Rippon.

Jose Pedro Guallar from HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Action), provided the parents with a lots of great information on various community programs.

The agenda also included a presentation by Aida Hernandez on "The Importance of Parent Involvement". A component that we were unable to do was the navigating of the PWCS Website. The intent was to show the parents the website of the county, and help them create a parent portal account. However, the internet was not working properly. In lieu, the counseling team will be putting a folder together of all the things they need to keep up with the culture of the school.

We discussed various topics:

  • Code of Behavior
  • Medication guidelines
  • How to make appointments with the teachers
  • Report cards and their distribution dates
  • Police among the community; calling the police during critical times
  • Online safety; phone apps that the students are using
  • Visiting the schools--interacting with the counselors more often

Afterwards the parents wanted to know when we would do another workshop. The evening was finished with a pupusa (Salvadoran cuisine) and friendly conversation.

It was a good start and the parents were very thankful and grateful for having the opportunity to come to the school. I called them my VIPs for participating.

Ms. Rapcavage for helping me out yesterday! #teamwork

Supportive Team

Thank you to Ms. Rapcavage for helping out, and Jose Guallar for teaming up with Rippon. Our sponsor did a great job with the food for the evening.