My Hemispheric Results

created by: Cordell Campbell

Three of my dominate strengths

  • Fantasy-Oriented
  • Reality-Based
  • Nonverbal


I am fantasy -oriented because I do things do things with creativity. I focuses on the rules but I always do things based on how I think it`s supposed to be done. So, I just like doing my own thing.


I am a reality-based because I like doing things based on reality like if some one said they were better than me at basketball and I have better handles, a better shot, and greater teamwork. Also, When it come to some things I like to use directions or I have to, but if I have a choice to do it by my self I would. So, I switch around sometimes when it comes to Seton things.


I am nonverbal because I like seeing illustrations like paintings/pictures. I also like seeing examples of work because I am a visual learner. Also,