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Do you recognize the 5 Symptoms of Spinal Fracture?

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Spinal fractures are among the common issues faced people of different walks of life especially from sports domain. As per an estimate, there are 700,000 fractures reported every year. A spinal fracture is nothing but a vertebral compression fracture, which occurs when one of the bones over the spin is seen collapsing or fracturing. Not many are aware about the spinal fracture and the relevant symptoms attached to them. It would be sagacious to explore the same as under:

What are the symptoms of spinal fractures?

Once you encounter spinal fractures, you are bound to encounter a number of changes taking place over the spine. Some of these symptoms of spinal fractures are as under:

· Height Loss: With a fracture evident in spinal bone, you would find the spine losing its height. In case if you have a multiple spinal fractures, the height of the spine goes down to a great extent.

· Kyphosis: The fracture can give wedge kind of shape vertebral bones that makes the person’s spine bending forward. This can further give the patient back and neck pain.

· Stomach Complaints: A small size spine can end up compressing the stomach giving bulges over the stomach and create digesting issues including constipation, weight loss and loss of appetite.

Besides, one can also experience a number of other hip pain, breathing issues, and others.

What cause spinal fractures?

In a majority of cases, the spinal fractures often occur due to issues like osteoporosis. The disorder called Osteoporosis, which makes the bones brittle and weak. Apart from this cause, you can even have spinal fractures including cancer, menopause, chemotherapy, long term corticosteroids use and hyperthyroidism. The other causes for spinal fractures include trauma due to severe kind of injuries especially the ones you get when you fall on the ground from a tall height. And other causes to this ailment could include conditions like metastasis apart from paget’s disease due to infection and bone.

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What increases the risk of spinal fractures?

The issue of spinal fractures can boost up a couple of risks due to this disorder for number factors as discussed below:

· Aging: As people age, the bones are often seen losing its density and becoming very much weaker, which simply boost the risk for the fractures.

· Being Female: This problem is very much common among women especially after the post menopausal women. The women after certain age are seen losing bone mass at a much higher rate especially after the 5 to 7 years after the issue of menopause. During the phase of menopause, the women are seen experiencing a very steep kind of estrogen drop, which happens to be a female sex hormones that helps in protecting the bones. The decrease of estrogen levels, which may end up losing density making things prone to fractures.

· Unhealthy lifestyle habits: The issues like drinking and smoking can actually make a mess of the spinal fracture that end up boosting the change of getting this problem again. This can bring in the issue of multiple fractures that can bring in height loss. Adopting unhealthy lifestyles can end up weakening the bones that create more problems.

What happens when spinal fractures are ignored?

The issue of spinal fracture can only boost up chance of having another provided you ignore this disorder. Over the year, having a number of fractures can only disrupt spine alignment that bends in the forward direction. The extended curvature can hamper a number of things including age, lifestyle and gender. Though the bone loss due to this ailment can hamper anyone, however, this can only increase the complication with spinal fractures provided you ignore the same. In other words, with spinal fractures, you can only increase your problems on ignoring this medical ailment.