CIES Wednesday Envelope

for Elementary Staff--February 3rd, 2016

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  • Schoology How-To Videos for Students
  • 3rd Graders at Fair Oaks use Yoga Calm
  • NCTM Iluminations: Resources for Teaching Math
  • Happy I Love to Read Month!

Schoology How-to Videos for Students

Did you know that videos have been created to help students learn to do most tasks in Schoology? Click here to go to Tom Brandt's YouTube channel to browse the 13 videos he has already created. Looking for a how-to that is not covered? Email Tom or your SDAS.

Fair Oaks Third Graders Highlighted in The Rosettes: news and notes from Yoga Calm

School-Wide Yoga Calm: Breathing Together, Starting the Day Right

We love hearing from people about how they’re using Yoga Calm with kids and the difference is makes!

Most recently, we heard from Cynthia Wilson, a counselor at Fair Oaks Elementary in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, north of the Twin Cities. Last fall, the whole school did a comprehensive training: staff training followed by a Residency program in which Yoga Calm trainers go into the classrooms to work with teachers individually. Several staff took our Wellness 1-3 training, as well.

Recently, Fair Oaks’ third graders led the All School Meeting, which included all students. It began in silence, with Cynthia demonstrating belly breathing with a very large Hoberman sphere. She did a couple breaths, then put it down and did breathing with her hands.

“The whole assembly joined me,” she wrote, “and got quiet. It was magical.”

Once the assembly got underway, the third graders shared a video about their work with Yoga Calm.

Yoga Calm Trainer Kathy Flaminio, who led the trainings with her school, says, THIS is why we do what we do.

Click to view the Adobe Voice below.

NCTM Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math

Illuminations is a website created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) that offers free resources for teaching and learning mathematics for grades Pre-K - 12. Over 700 lessons and 100 interactive resources are searchable by standards. Take a look by following this link.

Happy I Love to Read Month!

Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life

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