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August 24, 2020

Welcome Back to the 2020-2021 school year!

With Covid -19, extreme heat, fires, evacuations, smoke, remote learning and serious technology challenges we are certainly starting under great stress. Please know that we hear you and are advocating for change.

We hope you were able to rest this weekend and are ready for the challenges that come with this whole new way of delivering instruction. Your NVEA leadership team has been working throughout the summer to secure the best working conditions possible within the constraints of the CDC, CDE, Napa County Public Health, NCOE, and our employer. There are still items being discussed about attendance, engagement reports, and safety protocols. Please be patient with all as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Our first Site Rep meeting is Monday, August 31st at 3:30pm. Below is the current list of Reps. If your site does not have a Rep, an election will be needed as soon as possible so that they can attend the first meeting. During the year, Site Reps are a very import part of Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS) at the sites and the ongoing two-way communication between sites and the association leadership.

Our primary way to send out information to you is through this Newsletter to your home email. We will gather information through surveys, your site rep and through emails that are sent to the NVEA.CTA@GMAIL.COM address. You can also contact any of us through our school email, but we prefer to keep communication off the district server as much as possible. We have set up a SLACK account that you were invited to this summer. It is only for NVEA members and is a discussion platform. Our Executive Board monitors the different channels, but if you have a question please send it to the NVEA address.

Please be sure to check with your site reps for additional information.

NVEA Leadership

2020-2021 Site Representatives

Each faculty site or site unit shall be entitled to atleast one representative and shall have one additional representative for each 15 active members on the staff, or major fraction thereof (8).

Bold school names need reps.

  • Alta Heights -Ashley Cox
  • ACHS -Elizabeth Hawkins, Devin Reza, Lil Zmed, Fontaine Segerquist
  • ACMS -
  • Bel Aire -Susan Loomis
  • Browns Valley -
  • Canyon Oaks - Amy Bardwell, Elizabeth Corey
  • Donaldson Way - Kayla St Pierre/Jodi Ortiz
  • Harvest MS - Manya Franco, Frank Martinez
  • McPherson - Kathleen Heffley
  • Napa HS - Steve Hatton, Troy Gittings, Melinda Miller,
  • Napa Junction - Heather Marshall
  • NVIS - Erin Reilly
  • NVLA - Marilese Esquivel
  • NTHS - Angelene Warnock
  • Northwood - Karen McKeown
  • Phillips -Ann Brown
  • Pueblo Vista -
  • Redwood MS - Julie Blanton, Nancy Lussier, Lorna Dekker
  • River MS
  • Shearer
  • Silverado MS - Genevieve DeGulio
  • Snow
  • Valley Oak HS
  • Vichy
  • Vintage HS -Kelli Auld, Michael Alger, Danielle Jospin
  • West Park -Laura Zinser
  • Willow -Corey Morton
  • Itinerate PE -
  • Itinerate Music -
  • TOSA's -
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CTA Disaster Relief Fund

If you have been evacuated or suffered a loss, please let us know so we are able to support you.