By: Meghan Lee 8th hour science

Carrer Overview

Surgeons repair damages or injuries, remove damaged organs, fix injuries. They have this job to help people stay healthy. They help people who are sick or injuried be able to do the things they used to be able to do again. They make people capable to do their normal routines without any complications.
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Carrer Success

Good classes you could take to help get this degree would be anatomy, physiology, chemistry, forgen language, statistics and probability. These high school classes would help you learn more about what you need to know for college and this career. The college degrees you would need are pre medicine and medicine.

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Education and Living Costs

The overall total is 139,160. One school you could choose is the University of cardinal stretch university. It is $26,890 per year. 4 years of college at this school is $107,560. It is so high because it is a private school. Another reason it would be so much is becuase each year costs so much and a four year degree is more to pay for. With the costs you still have to pay for food, clothing and gas expenses. Food might be around $2,000. Clothing could be about $500 per year. Gas money for trips home would be about $400 depending on where you live. Housing is around $20,000 a year.
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Carrer Organizations

American college of surgeons

American medical association

Pros and Cons


  • Help people become healthy again
  • Give people a second change at life
  • Give poeple a chance to be thier normal selves again


  • A lot of pressure and responsibility comes with the surgerys
  • Schooling is expensive


Have you have needed a second chance? If you said yes, so have many others. Help save the lives of your friends neighbors and others. Become a surgeon. It is an inside job at the hospital and only requires four year of college, with majors in medicine and premedicine.