Miss Mitchell's 2nd Grade News

February 1st- 5th

Miss Mitchell Surgery

Miss Mitchell will be out again this week. The surgery was more than anticipated. While I am doing much better, I am still on oxygen and have a tough time being up for long periods of time. I meet with the surgeon and my primary doctor this week and I am hoping for more exercises so that I can get back to school!!!

Mrs. Emmons will be in the classroom while I am gone. I am thankful for her and feel good leaving the students in her hands. PLEASE email Mrs. Emmons if you need anything at school. aemmons@hse.k12.in.us

Events to Remember

Monday Day 4: Music

Tuesday Day 1: P.E.

Wednesday Day 2: Computer Lab

Thursday Day 3: Art

Friday Day 4: No Special

GLOBAL PLAY DAY: Wednesday, February 3rd: Students may bring in games from home- NO ELECTRONICS!! Mrs. Emmons sent home a paper with more information. Whatever she says, goes!

Friday, February 5th is a 1/2 day. Students are released at 12:01 PM


Monday, February 1 Taco Scoops

Tuesday, February 2 Scrambles Eggs with French Toast

Wednesday, February 3 Pizza Calzone

Thursday, February 4 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Friday, February 5 No lunch served - Half Day for Students

Monday, February 8 Beef Soft Taco

Tuesday, February 9 Pancakes or Waffles with Sausage Patty

Wednesday, February 10 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Thursday, February 11 Chicken Nuggets with Soft Pretzel

Friday, February 12 Cheese Pizza

*Always an option

Turkey Sandwich

Pizza Pack



Specials Schedule:

Day 1: P.E.

Day 2: Computer Lab

Day 3: Art

Day 4: Music

****Wednesday's are Library Checkout days!


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Our Schedule

9-9:30 Learning Clubs

9:30-10:45 Math Workshop

10:45-11:15 Lunch

11:15-12:25 Reader's Workshop (Word work)

12:25-1:00 Specials

*1:00-1:20 Wednesdays Library

1:00-2:00 Reader's Workshop

1:50 Snack (Please send in a healthy snack for your child)

2:00-2:25 Recess

2:25-3:00 Writer's Workshop

3:00-3:30 Science/Social Studies

3:30-3:40 Dismissal


Thinking Through a Chapter book: Powering up our Reading and Thinking

Our mentor text is: Gregor the Overlander, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

By the end of the unit Readers will be able to:

  • Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of main idea and key details in a text.
  • Describe how characters respond to major events and how characters affect the plot.
  • Make predictions about content of text using prior knowledge of text features and explain if they were confirmed or contradicted.
  • Describe the overall structure of a story, including describing how the beginning introduces the story and how the ending concludes the story.
  • Participate in collaborative conversations on grade level topic and texts with peers and adults.

Word work (Spelling)-

January 11th- 22nd: who, where, when, what, why, how, *CHALLENGE WORD- independent

January 25th- February 5th: kicked, played, wanted, laughed, there, their, they're

Weekly reading homework:

20 minutes of reading each night plus a reading and math page! Due January 25th and then February 1st.


Opinion Writing

By the end of the unit Writers will be able to:

  • Write a review of a book or topic

  • Learn what an opinion is and develop their opinion

  • Learn the importance of not only giving an opinion, but also describing the work being analyzed to give good information

  • Use the conventions of good writing to make their opinion known and understood

  • Understand that they must back up their opinions with supporting evidence.

  • Share their opinions


"Adding it Up and Breaking it Down!"

By the end of the unit Mathematicians will be able to:

Understand the connection between addition and subtraction

Demonstrate the same strategies using both addition and subtraction

Demonstrate how to add and subtract 3-4 digit numbers

Identify when it is necessary to regroup

Write repeated addition number sentences

Identify a total group of objects using repeated addition

Draw/build arrays to show repeated addition

Use repeated addition to solve problems

Solve real world problems involving addition and subtraction of multi-digit whole numbers

Find perimeters given the side lengths or by finding unknown sides

Miss Mitchell

  • I will send out newsletters on Sunday evening
  • I always check my email in the morning, during the day, and in the evening
  • If you leave a message for me, I will return it during my prep time (12:30- 12:55) or after 4 PM
  • Please send all transportation changes in writing if you can or to the office before 2:00
  • If you do not get a reply e-mail from me about transportation, please call the school. I do not always get the chance to read emails right away or I could be absent