Humpty Dumpty


There was a spotting on Scrambled Drive on Monday, May 13, 1331. This little egg had fallen and couldn't get up so all the kings men and all the kings horses were alerted to this sight. He was rushed to the hospital by pan. The staff tried to get Humpty back to hard boiled form. He is now in the microwave and will be there by for at least 30 seconds. After being in the mic for 30 seconds, he was released. We found out that when humpty was on the ledge, he thought there was a swimming pool on the other side and jumped in, but that was not the case.

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Tennis is the third ranked sport in the world. Tennis is a major sport in France, Germany, Italy, UK, China, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Turkey, and Australia. Tennis was invented by Walter C. Winfield and was first played at a party in Wales. Court tennis is also known as royal tennis and was invented in France. Tennis is played when two players use a racket and volley back and forth. Tennis is played indoors or outdoors, if two people play it's called singles, and if four people play it's called doubles. To win a game, one side must score four points and lead by at least two points. The first point is called 15; the second, 30; the third, 40; and the fourth, game point. A point is scored when the other side fails to return the ball. A player can give a shot topspin or underspin. Spin causes the ball to react in such a way that it is difficult to return. A lob hit with topspin accelerates. A shot hit with underspin decelerates. A typical tennis racket frame is made of fiberglass and graphite. Tennis shoes are made of cloth and have rubber soles and no heels.

Here are the links I used for the topic http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar551080&st=tennis#tab=homepage, http://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/sports/tennis-history.html, http://biggestglobalsports.com/.

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In this movie, Joe Kingman is a superstar quarterback for the Boston Rebels. Early in his career, he married a young woman named Sara Kelly, but they divorced after a year of being together. After Joe and Sara broke up, Sara learned that she was pregnant with Joe's child, although she never revealed the news to her former husband. About eight years later, Sara unfortunately died in a car accident, and Peyton, decided it was time to meet her biological father instead of going to a ballet school, while her aunt Karen was going to Africa. Around this time, Joe's career had reached its all time peak, as the Boston Rebels were on their way to the playoffs. He was not only surprised that he had a daughter, but now he would have to help with all the ballet recitals and now do ballet buns. Will Joe be able to handle Peyton?

This movie is PG and the actors and actress are Dwayne Johnson - Joe Kingman, Madison Pettis - Peyton, Kelly, Paige Turco - Karen Kelly, and Kyra Sedgwick - Stella Peck. I like this movie because it is a great comedy for the family.

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Pinterest is one of my favorite apps because of a few reasons.

One reason is that when you open the app you can search any craft,diy, room idea, or anything you want to look up or anything you are interested in. On pinterest, one of the best things I search is diy’s. I mainly use pinterest to find projects for 4-H. Many of the projects or diy’s I make have been sent to the state fair. Also, I use pinterest to plan parties. Another thing I search is christmas presents on pinterest. You can even buy things or presents for you or your family members. Also, you can use pinterest to follow people. When you follow people, you can find and see many more amazing ideas to make.

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