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Elgin Elementary School

Pre-Conferences & Formal Observations

By now, each of you has received a series of invites regarding pre -conferences, post conferences, and formal observations. My goal is to have ALL formal observations completed by the 3rd week in January. Below, I have included several tools that will be of assistance for you as you prep. This also includes expectations that I have for our conferencesr. Be sure to check out the Formal Observation Video. Even though it says "New Teacher Survival Guide!", it's a great tool that can provide more insight to veteran teachers, too. I also included one to give you some ideas for informal assessments.
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Effective Lesson Planning

Good lesson planning is essential and here are a few reasons why you and your students will benefit from thoughtful lesson planning.

  • It provides a framework for instruction, and it guides implementation of standards-based education.
  • Helps teacher organize content, materials, time, instructional strategies, and assistance in the classroom.
  • It establishes a road map for instructors of what has been taught and what needs to be taught.
  • It allows you to focus on one objective at a time and communicate to learners what they will learn in each lesson.
  • All in all, will make you feel more confident with the delivery of the content.

When I'm observing your classroom, I should be able to follow along with what you are teaching by using your detailed lesson plan as a guide. Be sure to provide me with a plan that truly communicates to me what learners will learn and how their goals will be assessed. You can upload the plan to Google and share with me that way, you can email it to me via , or you can embed it within your pre - conference planning form.

Food For Thought: When you fail to plan...you plan to fail.

Pre-Conference Planning Form

Completion of this form is a must! The expectation is that it submitted via online (Google) 3 - 4 days before your pre-conference. I require time to read your plan and provide feedback to you in a timely manner. My feedback will be directly on the form, so there is no need to make any copies unless you just want a copy for yourself. Forms submitted on the day of are not acceptable and will require your observation to be rescheduled.

Food for Thought: If you provide intricate details, our pre-conference meeting should last no more than 7 - 10 minutes. I've included a sample of a very detailed pre -conference plan. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Core!

T-TESS Self - Reflection

This form is designed to help you reflect on the lesson that was observed. Since I'm not having post conferences with some of you until a week after the observation, I highly suggest completing this form within the 1st 24 - 48 hours of your lesson, while the lesson is fresh on your brains. In order for you to type directly onto this document, here are a few VIP important things to do first:

1. Click on the link

2. Once the document is open, click on "File"

3. Next, scroll down and hit "Make A Copy"

4. Rename the document, "Your Name...T-TESS Self Reflection"

5. Delete the original copy.

6. Place your copy in your personal T-TESS folder.

6. Now, you can type your information into this document


Food for Thought: "Follow effective action with quiet reflection, from the quiet reflection will come even more effective action"

Peter F. Drucker

Ask Away!!

Just email me at felicia.turner@elginisd.net or stop by my office. ALL questions are welcome!