News from Third Grade

Eanes Elementary School

A message from the teachers

Third grade's reading and math STAAR tests are Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the nights before, eats a good breakfast, brings a snack, and is on time to school. Testing will begin at 8:15. Thanks!

The wax museum is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17, at 8:00 am. Students are working on their speeches and either sending them in emails or bringing them home to practice.

A peek at next week:

Math: We will begin our "Step up to 4th Grade" unit, which includes, starting with decimals to the thousandths place.

Reading: Students will practice reading independently for a sustained period of time and paraphrase what the reading was about, maintaining meaning and logical order.

Writing: Students will begin immersion in the genre of procedural text.

Science: The students will explore how structures and functions of plants and animals allow them to survive in a particular environment

Social Studies: Students will continue with research and writing their speeches about their famous person for the

Coming Soon


Monday, May 8th, 8:15am-12:15pm

Eanes Elementary

Reading STAAR

Tuesday, May 9th, 8:15am-12:15pm

Eanes Elementary

Spring Picture Retakes

Friday, May 5th, 8am

Eanes Elementary

School Holiday

Monday, May 15th, 12am

Eanes Elementary

Third Grade Wax Museum

Wednesday, May 17th, 8-8:45am

Eanes Elementary

Mustang Mania

Friday, May 19th, 9:45-11am

Eanes Elementary

Love, The Third Grade Team

Game Day on Wednesday, May 10

We are so proud of how hard our third graders have worked in the past few weeks. We have been reviewing our curriculum from the entire school year to prepare for our STAAR tests and for fourth grade. As a reward, we would like to have a digital free game day. Not only will this be a fun experience, but without even knowing it the students will be using their STEAM skills. If you can send a board game to school with your child on Wednesday May 10th, we would appreciate your help.