Reaching Gender Equality


Causes of Discrimination Against Females in Education

Most countries who suffer from this have deep rooted disparities in society

  • Poverty
  • Geographical Isolation
  • Ethnic Backgrounds
  • Disabilities
  • Traditional Statuses
  • Early Marriages
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender-based violence

Ways to Promote Female Education

  • Parents and communities must invest in girls' education
  • Eliminate school fees
  • Recruit greater numbers of female teachers
  • No toleration for violence and bias against females
  • Generate a curriculum that reflects gender equality

Organizations Promoting Gender Equality in Education

  • OECD
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Donate! You can help many organizations who have direct access to those in need. The UNCEI, United Nations Girls' Education Initiative, is a group that is committed to narrowing the gender gap of education.

Social Media! You can spread the world through media outlets. Twitter, Facebook, etc. The more people that know about the situation, the more of the chance people will act.

Value Education! If you have had been given a solid education, as a female or male, do not take it for granted. Learn as much as you can, use resources and strive for good grades.