Cereal Company

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W.K Kellogg, the Creator (Childhood)

Will Kellogg (Originally Willy) grew up with 1 other child, the co-founder, John Kellogg, who helped make the cereal, but not the business. They grew up in Battle Creek Michigan, but John was born in Tyrone, Michigan. Their father also had 6 other children in a previous marriage. The Kellogg boys were raised as Seventh-Day Adventist Church. This church promotes helping others and living a healthy lifestyle. The Kellogg family followed a special diet of avoiding meat, sugar, and caffeine. These rules stuck with them as they grew older.


1852- John Harvey Kellogg (W.K's brother) is born

1860- W.K Kellogg was born (John and W.K are 8 years apart)

1876- John became the superintendent at the San.

1879- John married Ella Eaton on Feb. 22.

1881- W.K married Ella Osborn on Nov. 3.

1881- Their father dies at age 74

1893- Their mother dies at age 69

1894- At the San, W.K and John accidentally invented wheat flakes; they called their new cereal Grancose Flakes.

1900- The Kellogg brothers started the Sanitas Food Company.

1906- In February, W.K started the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flakes Company

1930- W.K started the W.K Kellogg Child Welfare Foundation, which is now known as the W.K Kellogg foundation.

1943- On December 14, John died in Battle Creek

1951- On October 6, W.K Kellogg died in Battle Creek

The first Corn Flakes

Since the first people to have the corn flakes were residents at the San, (Battle Creek Sanitarium) they had the ¨Privilege¨ of trying it first, and they said it tasted like bailed hay.