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Principal's Corner

Whose Classroom Is This, Anyway?

As we continue our focus on instruction that is learner centered, I challenge you to consider if you consider the classroom your classroom or our classroom. What are some small steps that you can take to increase ownership and belonging in the classroom?

  • Post and continuously update student work inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Encourage students to take an active role in learning by becoming the experts; allow students to be the teachers.
  • Incorporate multimedia by inspiring students to share their experiences in the classroom with other students and the school community.
  • Include students in lesson planning to collaborate on personalized paths for learning, allow students to help decide how instruction will look and how to show what they know.
  • Remind the students that this is our classroom when reinforcing routines and procedures.

Video: "Conver-stations: A Discussion Strategy"

Resources, Strategies, and Good Reads

Support Staff of the Month: Lisa Westerman

Lisa began her career in the accounting field in October 1980 at Marex Heating Oil where she worked there until July 1997. She went on to explain that " in 1980, we had very cold winters, lots of snow, and even a few ice storms, so everyone needed oil to keep warm; therefore, they took the schedule down and we all worked seven days a week." This grueling schedule motivated Lisa to look for a new career that had Monday - Friday hours. this decision was not only for Lisa's sanity, but also because she had two young children at the time.

This job switch brought Lisa to SPHS as the financial assistant and front office secretary in July of 1997 ; she held these positions for three years. After that, Lisa simultaneously held the jobs of Administrative Secretary and financial assistant for the next eight years (when they decided to split these responsibilities into two positions). She is now the financial assistant.

Lisa went on to explain that she loves working with the faculty and staff of SPHs, and states, "I could not ask for a better group of people to be around every day, everyone understands the accounting procedures and we all work well together. "

She went further to explain that "when I was going through a very difficult time of my life, “YES”, SPHS Faculty and Staff were there for me."

Lisa enjoys the beach, pool, sewing, spending time with her children and grandson, gardening, and she is looking forward to retirement so I can spend even more time with my grandchildren

In closing, Lisa ended our interview by explain that she began her career with BCPS at Sparrows Point High School and would love to retire from Sparrows Point High School staying, "it's the best school in the county!"

Teacher of the Month: Matt Mitchell

Matt came to traditional classroom teaching after several years of performing other jobs in several states after graduating from Lynchburg College. Teaching high school seemed to be a logical way to combine his affinity for working with teenagers and his passion for expression and story-telling, so he enrolled in graduate school at Towson University and earned his Master’s degree in teaching secondary English. He also holds a certification in secondary Health Education.

After completing graduate school, Matt started his career here at SPHS and is midway through his fourth year. His favorite memories in the classroom are witnessing students expanding their understanding of the world through interaction with texts and each other and watching students dispel the notions so many people have of teenagers by rallying around their vulnerable or marginalized peers. Matt hopes that his students remember him working hard for them.

When he is not grading papers, Matt enjoys spending as much time outside as possible. He loves to backpack or kayak through the backcountry and enjoys skiing, running and playing sports with friends. Indoors, Matt enjoys painting and drawing, watching good films, and is currently attempting to become proficient in Spanish. Next up: banjo!

Instruction In Action

Formative Assessment vs. Summative Assessment

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"60 Formative Assessment Strategies"

Attached is a list of 60 formative assessment options that are easily implemented in all contents.

Mark Your Calendars!

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