Love Locked

Is your Love Locked?

Pre-AP Newspaper Project By Wyatt Smith

Advice colunm

Wyatt Smith: Love can destroy you sometimes but if you think about it is the greatest thing.

Dear Wyatt:

I know that love is an infection called deliria in my town, but can you help me about this guy. He is romantic and I love him and my friend said he loves me too because he told her. I went passed curfew for him and we did something together and we are trying to get away and hide to stay safe and both of us don’t get hurt. What should I do?

Concerned lover (Lena)

I know you are really concerned about your love. Okay you need to calm down ok and if you need to get a way were your love is secret

Get a lot, go into the, were you don’t get killed.

  1. You need to woods there would be a helicopter their hidden under cameo bedding.

  2. In the helicopter there will be all the supplies you will need and there will be a Manuel to how to fly.

  3. Then you will have to go to Hawaii and get on the plain to china don’t miss it and then a man called Hugo will guide you through the rest.

  4. That’s if you want to have your love safe.

  5. Never to be seen again.

Movie Review

If people love others, would you too?

Delirium is basically a love story with two best friends that go through a big adventure of love. It is based of its book Delirium by Lauren Oliver. The friends are named Lena and Hana and there is a boy that is important that will come along with the friends. Lena always wanted the cure but she can’t have it until she turns 18. Hana always wanted to be free. Lena had a boy come in her life at the age of 17 and his name is Alex; you need to watch this movie! It will blow your mind.

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Feture Article

At the end of the novel when Alex Sheathes and Lena Hathaway tries to make to the woods to get out of their town. When they almost made it out the "guards" come and get them. The bad thing happens and Alex gets shot and Lena gets away at the last minute.

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