Barbados Holiday Rentals

Barbados Holiday Rentals – Way to Affordable Paradise

Barbados is the eastern most island of the Caribbean which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on all four sides. It stretches out 21 miles in length and 14 miles in width. The island is blessed with natural bounty and is a perfect destination for holidaying. The weather remains warm all year through with the white sand beaches an alluring factor for vacationers in the region. Due to the political stability in the region, tourism industry has grown rapidly in Barbados and it is a major attraction for people seeking sun and sand. The island has an international airport and is also well connected with the neighboring Caribbean islands.

Barbados is known for its hospitality and the people here are warm hearted and loving. It is a place to release stress and rejuvenate among the abundant natural beauty and the cordial hospitality. There are all kinds of accommodation available on the island. The island boasts of luxurious historical villas which take you back to the era that has gone by. It mesmerizes you with its beautiful architecture, the sprawling gardens and open spaces and a touch of historical legacy. The opulence and grandeur of these villas can be experienced only after spending time there.

Then there are various golf clubs on the island which also have villas. Some of these villas face the golf course while the rest of them are facing the swimming pool. These luxury villas are perfect to spend your holiday with your family or to have some peace and solitude with your partner on your honeymoon. These villas can be rented for a short time or can also be taken for a longer duration depending upon your choice and preferences.

Barbados is just not about luxury, opulence and grandeur. It is also a perfect holiday spot for people of limited means too. There are a number of options for people who have a fixed budge for their vacation. They can have a cheaper and much more affordable accommodation here. The island has various condos, apartments, beach houses, cottages which are reasonable prized and which are lighter on the pocket too.

Some of these apartments face the sea and give a perfect view of the sea and the beach. Then there are cottages dotted along the road which are quaint but very cozy to stay and give you the country side touch that some of us crave for. The condos are also spacious and give you the freedom to have a go at cooking if you do not feel like going out for eating.

All these accommodations come with the best of amenities and facilities to make your holiday a pleasure rather than a pain. Person coming to Barbados is fixed for a lifetime and is sure to visit again and again. The holiday rentals in the area are a big plus for people looking for the best but affordable accommodation. They can enjoy the sun, sand and the warm hospitality according to their choice; luxury and grand or comfortable and cheap. Choice is entirely yours!!! For more information please click here

Apes Hill Club

Apes Hill Club offers luxury real estate, villa rentals, golf, polo and sporting estate in Barbados. The Club is located in the centre of Barbados.

A world-class championship golf course, excellent polo facilities, superb & luxurious residences, hallmarked by exclusivity recently rated one of the top courses in the world.

Enjoy vacations in luxury villas, search for holiday rentals, and get accommodation along with world class golf & polo sports fun.