Landmark Update

24 March 2022

NEW Miniterm!

This week began our 7th miniterm that will end on April 22, 2022. Students have 5 classes and can earn 1.25 credits in roughly a 5-week period. Because miniterms are concentrated into this short timeframe, students MUST be in attendance for a majority of this time in order to receive the necessary instruction to earn a grade.

If a student is absent for 5 days or more in a class period - EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED - they will be dropped from that period and will not receive a grade. We know attendance is important, so we make attempts to contact parents when students are absent. Tardies can also add up. If a student is tardy to class, they miss crucial instruction. Therefore, every three tardies or two LATE tardies (over 20 minutes), counts as one absence.

Why do we have such a strict attendance policy? We know how important a high school diploma can be to a student and we want all of our students to have the opportunities that a diploma can give them.

Career Fair

We will be holding our spring career fair on March 29th. This will take place in the morning hours with a modified bell schedule. The students will sign up to see three different presentations from various businesses and educational facilities who will have representatives to explain what they do and how our students can take advantage of jobs or programs they have to offer.

We partner with the US Armed Forces recruiters, MTech, Wavetronics, Evermore Park, Clyde Co, Karen's Floral and others. This is a good opportunity for students to hear about various jobs that may interest them and gets them in touch with owners, managers, and recruiters.

Students will sign up in their 3rd period classes.

Cell Phone Policy Reminder

Our school has a cell phone use policy in place so we can maintain a productive learning environment for all students. Students are allowed to use their cell phones before school, between classes and at lunch time.

Student may not use their phones during class either in the classroom or in the halls/bathrooms. If a student is reported to be using the phone during classes, they will need to turn it in to the office to be secured.

1st offense: phone turned in daily for the remainder of the week

2nd offense: phone turned in daily for the remainder of the miniterm

3rd offense: student will lose their schedule for the remainder of the miniterm and earn no credit

We know cell phones can be a distraction to the learning environment. We offer opportunities to earn .25 credit per class each miniterm. This is a very condensed time frame so it is crucial that students are able to focus on the work of school.




Joshua Harker 4.0

Austin Walker 3.9

Guadalupe Martin Sanchez 3.9

Shae Lawson 3.9

Morgan Foster 3.9

Ray Pingel 3.8

Ariel Baugh 3.8

Hailey Shaw 3.8

Sierra Lew 3.7

Kayla Clay 3.7

Dylan Collins 3.7

Thomas Ericksen3.7

Cannon Hjelm 3.7

Madelyn Huntley 3.7

Claire Langton 3.7

Bradlee Schanderl 3.7

Kelton Jensen 3.6

Serenity Burkholder 3.5

Connor Ash 3.6

Kara Beck 3.5

Eva Monge 3.5

Noelle Sipherd 3.5

Sergio Tinoco 3.5

Calendar Items

March 29 - Career Fair

March 30 - Flex Bell Schedule with Flex Time

April 4-8 - Spring Break

April 20 - Graduation Cap and Gown Picture Day

April 22 - End of Term