To Tweet or Not to Tweet...

That is the Question

What is Twitter and How Can it Be Useful in Our School?

What is it?

Twitter is a microblogging social network tool. Messages/updates (less than 140 characters) are communicated to "followers". Messages can be broadcasted only or can be interactive, allowing others to follow.

How could Twitter be useful in our school?

Teachers: Staff could use Twitter within their PLC groups. In all of our school surveys, teachers stated "lack of time to work together" as a reason for struggling with PLC work. Twitter accounts could be set up with a specific handle for each PLC group within a building, allowing staff to contact others with questions, data results, meeting requests, etc.

Administrators: Twitter could be used as a means to communicate parents with notifications such as important meetings, school closures, etc. The key is not overuse Twitter for these purposes. The district will need to look carefully when and how often these reminders or alerts are sent out. School principals could also use Twitter as a tool to promote positive school news- teachers of the week, awards, recognitions, etc.

Students: With direction of a teacher, students could use Twitter as a means to communicate with other schools about a project. Example- bat count data project. Students could tweet about the data they have collected and compare this data with schools across the country that are also participating in this project. Another great use of Twitter is for students to have their own PLN. They could chat about books, authors, or science projects. Hastags could be created for other schools/classes to follow the discussion.

Ready to Join Me?

Let's Get Started

Why? As education shifts towards constant communication via technology, I am excited to try using Twitter in our school. Our school prides itself on relationships with parents. What better way could we find to keep parents up to date, each day, on the exciting things going on in our school? We are a dedicated and talented staff. Twitter could be the vehicle to make parents aware of great things students are doing.

How? A group of teachers will work with administration to set up guidelines for safe use. Parents will be informed of the ways these accounts will be used within the classroom. Tech teachers will support staff in implementing use in their class, and will gather feedback to bring to administration.